end of the year update - 2020

11 December 2020

 Hello everyone!

It's been quite a a while since my last real blog post, apart from the single review I posted this year (Circe) and the other one I posted in 2018. I've been neglectful and it's not on purpose. I have been reading less and less and as I sit here trying to read another book, I realize I've read only 2 books this year. I used to do reading challenges of 100 books and now I'm struggling to read at least 10. With this terrible pandemic, it's been a tough year for so many people across the world. I graduated and spent the year preparing for medical school admissions including the MCAT, letters of recommendations, and essays. I started working in February as a medical scribe but the pandemic put me on hold for months before I finally returned in July and really starting logging hours in August. Working full-time now, I have found yet another excuse to not read but I think I'm only like this because I haven't found books I was really interested in reading. Now, I have found three that I'm hoping to read by the end of January! 

1) The Labyrinth of Spirits - Carlos Ruiz Zafon  

2) The Closing of the Western Mind: The Rise of Faith and the Fall of Reason - Charles Freeman

3) Catch 22 - Joseph Heller 

I first began my search by hopping onto Goodreads and looking up my favorite authors. To my surprise, Carlos Ruiz Zafon published a fourth book to one of my favorite series, the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, in 2018. It goes to show how out of touch I've been with the literary world. It's been a while since I've read the first three books so I'm planning on doing a re-read of all three before touching the fourth. I feel like I can only enjoy (1) if I can fully immerse myself in the series. See, the books are loosely tied to one another with recurring characters and references to previous events so I think a re-read is definitely necessary. After this, I decided to jump on over to this blog and check out the "to be read" tab. I was surprised at (2) because I don't actually recall ever adding it to my list! 

The third book, Catch 22, has actually been on my shelf for years. My brother had to read it for a class in high school so it ended up on my shelf because of the lack of bookcases in the house. I've been meaning to read it, and didn't even notice it on my "to be read" list, until I talked to a friend of mine. We both decry the loss of reading in our lives and we wanted to motivate each other to read again. I suggested a mini book club with just the two of us reading a book. I nominated Catch 22 because I've tried multiple times in the past to get beyond the first chapter and always failed. Now, I'm on Chapter 2! We agreed to read a bit more  in the hopes that it gets interested. 

I downloaded (2) on my iPhone to read while I'm at work and if there's downtime. I recently got the new iPhone 12 mini and while the screen is small, it's crystal clear and actually enjoyable to read from. I've read a couple books on my older I-pad and it's actually different. 

Lastly, in order to prepare myself for a 2021 full of reading, I sent in a request through my local library system's "Ask a Librarian" service. I filled out a Google Form asking for recommendations based off my favorites and I hope I can get some good recommendations to read! 

The sharp observer may not that my "Currently Reading" tab on the side says "Fahrenheit 451"  but the reality was is that I downloaded it on my I-pad and never read it. Alas. I think I'm still in love with paper format and my lazy option of instant downloads has been a contributing factor to my lack of reading in recent years. I purposely didn't post any of my reading goals or attempts at reading books on this blog because I knew I'd be held responsible, to a degree, by my audience, or even myself. I'm optimistic about the fact that I have written this post because it means there's a very real possibility that I'll follow through.

For all my readers that are still out here after over a decade, thank you! Do comment below so we can reconnect (or connect if you're new!)



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