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08 October 2010

This is my Nightshade cover for The Book Vixen's Re-Create a Cover Contest!

I'm sorry for deleting my previous cover post as I've just realized that the two cover pictures I used were from Devianart. Apparently I can't just link for photo credit, so I'm not allowed to use the pics. So I re-made the cover re-makes!
Squeaky Books MATCHED re-create a cover contest:
Photo Credit

Biksoners Re-create A Cover Contest for Minder by Kate KaynakPhoto Credit

My Overstuffed Bookshelf is having a re-create a contest for Ghost Town by Rachel Caine. Here's my cover!

So sorry!

6 thoughts:

  1. These look wonderful. Thanks for participating

  2. Great job!

    Sorry about the DeviantArt thing. Gotta be careful, donchaknow.

  3. Nice work! You can only enter one of the cover redesigns for Nightshade so please email me letting me know which one you would like to enter :)

    (my email can be found in my Blogger profile)

  4. Beautiful work! Thanks for joining in the fun! Good luck!

  5. I love your new cover for Nightshade! The colours are gorgeous.


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