Team Unicorn!

22 June 2010

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Good Books & Good Wine is hosting Zombie vs. Unicorns over at her blog. Pick a team, post about it, and enter the cool contests going on over there!

We all know that UNICORNS, the essence of perfection and beauty, and innocence, will win. Yeah. That's right.

I love unicorns. I like to hide some in my drawings, and yesterday, my friend came over and looked at my latest masterpiece and saw a purple-brown unicorn on it and said, "Wow. Kirthi, really? A unicorn?"

Why I love unicorns:
  • They're pretty
  • They have that awesome horn
  • They're pretty
  • They are the image of "mythical creatures"
  • They're magical!
  • They can FLY! no not really.
  • They're just plain amazing!
Sharon at Sharon Loves Books and Zombies is hosting the Zombie side or Unicorn vs. zombie. Declare yourself, go Team Unicorn!

9 thoughts:

  1. Lol, I'm totally on your side. I'm team unicorn as well.

  2. I'm with you for sure! I haven't stopped collecting unicorns since I was a kid! ;-)

  3. I admire your unicorn loving frenzy. I won't cast an opinion about unicorns, having never been a fan of them, or zombies. Although, perhaps the zombies have a chance in this contest? Zombies are always slanted as monsters; gross, disgusting things. Unicorns on the other hand, have been portrayed as having a different side from the magnificent, bubbly picture.

    Diana Peterfreund in her book "Rampant" casts a different light on unicorns. Might wanna check it out. ;) (Info, summary and review can be found on my blog.)

    I wish you luck on your contest. XD

  4. I'm not sure which side I am! I love unicorns, but zombies are cool too...

  5. Duh, unicorns! LOL. But zombies have a "z". I can't help but think that z is something that might shift my opinion . . . :P

  6. Team Unicorn!

  7. lol i love unicorns you remember that part where voldomort drinks unicorn blood that was a bad unicorn day altogether! lol :D

  8. Yayyyyyy! Team Unicorn, FTW!
    And I agree, unicorns are super pretty!

  9. Hehe! I love unicorns too! They always seem gentle, passionate, kind, and loving, in addition to all the other things you mentioned. And unicorns vs. zombies- is there even a competition? Unicorns!!!!! =)


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