My name is Kirthi and I'm a twenty-three year old recent college graduate. Reading is my most favourite hobby :)
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WELCOME to Pages! This is a book review site that once reviewed mainly young adult fiction (preferred genres being historical, contemporary, and fantasy) and literary fiction (including modern novels and classics) when I was younger (13-19 years old). As an adult, my tastes have changed so more recent posts are more revealing of my taste than older ones.

About The Blog (Website):
Pages was started in October of 2008 when I was 13 and wanted to keep track and record the books I read. I had been reading from a very early age and had a strong love for them. At first, there was only one sentence reviews and one sentence posts, and then heavily opinionated teenager year reviews, and now slightly more adult reviews.

Who are you?

 I am a teenage book blogger called Kirthi, who loves reading, writing, sketching, and laughing. I was born in India in September (I'm a Virgo) and moved to America when I was two.
I first started reading when my mum taught me while all of the other people my age were starting school. I was born five days off the cut-off date and the school system wouldn't let me in, so I had a year to learn how to roller blade and read. She took me to the library for watching films, or for story-time and such, and that's how I became so nerdy about books, haha :)

About Blogging

How did you start blogging?

I've been running this blog since October of 2008. The URL is "the1bookblog" because I thought, naive as I was, that I was the only book blogger out there. Ridiculous of course, but now I can't change it unless I get my own domain; Don't think I'm conceited! I was nearly twelve then! At first, my friend Nathan and I, were really into global warming and raising awareness for it. We thought we'd create a website to post about important topics, so we went to blog.com. It proved to be a horrible base, so we switched to blogspot, where I was so satisfied, I thought I'd make a blog for books. And so started my blogging journey.

"pages" is an interesting blog title, why did you choose it?

I didn't want to make a title that would be restrictive, like "A Coffee Adict's Bookshelf" because what if I stopped drinking coffee? And I don't particularly enjoy titles like "Confessions of a ____" or "____'s Bookshelf" because they create a sort of image that wouldn't be what I would like people to imagine when thinking on my blog. Books have pages, and therefore, with a title like this, people can have their own image of pages. Whether it's old weathered ones, or brand new crisp ones, or the fancy ones on e-readers. I want people to feel comfortable here, so I don't want to ward people away with a dark, skull and bones blog where people who don't like paranormal or horror might run away. Pages is an organic website that grows with me, so matter how my tastes may change: Pages will still be Pages.

Do you just blog about books?

I do not. Most of what I most are book related, but I may post songs or quotes or just personal posts. And I post on a broad range of topics, like compassion or faeries in YA Lit and such. I can't imagine being restricted to just book reviews, you know?

How do you feel about the blogging community?
I've probably said this a million times, but there's something lovely and magical about the book blogging community in particular. We're like a support group joined together with a love of reading, and there's so much to discuss and talk about. We're so friendly and helpful, and it's so great to meet such nice people. I'm truly honoured to be a part of this, and to meet you all. 

What are your favourite genres?
Historical fiction, science fiction, cultural fiction and contemporary fiction. And classics! I love classics. It seems that storytelling had a different meaning back then, and it's nice to go back in time like that.

Do you participate in memes?
I don't. I'm not fond one memes because it requires commitment. As a person, I like having freedom, and tying myself up with weekly memes seems very restricting. I don't want to just post about the books I received or books I'm reading, because it doesn't allow for people to participate other than just saying "Yeah, I read that book" or "Interesting! Enjoy reading!" 

What are some things unique to "Pages"?
I'd say my "topic" posts. I know other blogs have variations of it, or just post on whim about certain things, but I believe I've made topic posts into a lovely, interactive thing for people to enjoy. I don't think I have anything else that's unique other than my content, haha :)

You've been gone for a while, and blog on and off: why?
I've only recently rediscovered this book blog after graduating college with a major in International Relations and a minor in Health and Medical Sciences. High school and college ate up a lot of my time and the only reading I actually did were research papers or textbooks for school assignments. I've wanted to start reading again and I found the first place to keep me motivated and inspire me again was my oldest, original online presence - my book blog!

About Me

Your favourite foods?
Difficult. I don't prefer any foods really, but I love goat meat. Especially when it's made in curry. I love chocolate and tea too!

Things you do in your past time?
Read, write, study, hang out with friends, clean.

Where do you live?
I wouldn't want to give this information off the net for the entire world to see, so I'll say that I am currently living in America. (I hope to live in a foreign country though, this place is boring) It has lots of benefits when it comes to programmes or blogging, where I can enter most of the giveaways and where publishing companies are located so I can receive books easily.

People may think I'm from the UK with my spellings and all, but I'm not. My parents taught me British English growing up so I still confuse my spellings sometimes.

Celebrity crush?
Hands down, Tom Hiddleston. Favourite man in the world! He's so kind, so polite, hilarious and goofy and sincere and absolutely amazing. He studied Classics at Cambridge and is an actor, so he's quite into reading too! If I had to name some more: Hrithik Roshan, Shakira and Sushant Singh Rajput.

If you've got any questions for me (oh wow, thanks) I'd love to answer them. Just e-mail me, yeah? (raokiki6(at)gmail(dot)com)

Have a lovely day and thank you for taking the time to read all this :D

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