Happy New Year and Resolutions!

01 January 2014

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Hello Readers!
   Time to be incredibly informal with you all. For some reason, whenever I blog, I'm just this bookish, nerdy, professional kind of girl that writes very properly and formally, double checking for grammar mistakes (which I often make without catching, so help me out). I comma splice often. Anyway.

   I have done shit in 2013. Literally, my whole life was a fail. I was just flopping through like a starved fish waiting for the year to be over. Of course, not only in my real life but also in my blogging life (yeah, 'cause blogging isn't real life, I don't even know). This has been a really unproductive year. I think it's because we all died in 2012 and 2013 was a wtf year.

   So I'm doing Parajunkee's New Years Meme thing where I make a new post every day for 2 weeks which I think will be record for most continuous blog posts. Let's be honest. I'm going to write like, five of them today and just schedule it. I'm kind of high right now on three different types of chocolate, like dark chocolate with almonds, milk chocolate, and wafer milk chocolate. I'm just being brutally honest.

 All right, let's do this.

  1. Review more books. I'm a Junior so I don't have time to read books, like I don't. But I hope that I can review more books.
  2. Comment more. I was scrolling through my dashboard looking at posts from all these blogs that I loved so much and all these bloggers that I haven't talked to in ages and I'm like "Gurl where have I been". So I want to be more active and involved with you guys.
  3. Be pro. Like, I decided that I was mainly going to post reviews a while back and I hope to carry that out through this year. It's all about books here. My personal blog is just my name, Kirthi Rao. But even that's pro. I guess my personal blog is my Tumblr but I'm to embarrassed to share it with you. 
 Many happy returns, my dear readers, and a happy new year!

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  1. I wanna see your tumblr! Mine is at brizmus! :-) I mostly just post to it via instagram, though.
    Anyhow, I like the only 3 resolutions thing - you'll actually follow through! :-)
    I like your number 2, too. . .I'm going to try to do that as well. :-)


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