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29 May 2013

Hello everyone!
   Today's discussion for Armchair BEA is Paths to Becoming a Better Blogger. I'd like to say I have experience as a blogger with almost five years, but I'm still growing.

Blogger Development

 Have I branched out in the community?

 No, I have not. I'm a closet-blogger and sometimes I feel that I should go out there and talk to people about Pages. But the opportunity hasn't struck.

Do I partner with other bloggers?

 Ah, the affiliate-craze of 2010. I was affiliates with Cate from Sparrow Review (she left), Liz from Cleverly Inked (also left), Brent from Naughty Book Kitties (stopped being affiliates) and my last, surviving afffiliate, Precious from Fragments of Life (we haven't done any big stuff of late!). On my writing blog, I hosted competitions with other bloggers and I'm planning another one now. As for Pages, I've been going solo.

How has my online personality developed over the years?

When I first started out as an almost-thirteen year old blogger, I was quite naive and immature. You can totally check out my old book reviews and such: HOW embarrassing. I wrote literally a sentence or two as a "review" and wrote comments on other blogs with excessive exclamation marks and emoticons. I can definitely say I've matured. My online personality has always reflected my actual personality: so its not as if I have a double identity: my real and my online one. They're two of the same and I believe its better that way. Keeping it real and being honest are two important aspects of my life. Besides, I don't want to show someone this website and have them say "Wow, doesn't sound like you at all". Blogs are an extension of the writer (like wands are to wizards).

Of course, I'm more formal and sophisticated when I blog than when I speak. I have the time to find the right words and being a writer, I can put my thoughts into words better than I can put my thoughts into verbal speech, if that makes sense?


As defined by Wikipedia:

Genre fiction, also known as popular fiction, is plot-driven fictional works written with the intent of fitting into a specific literary genre, in order to appeal to readers and fans already familiar with that genre.[1] Genre fiction is generally distinguished from literary fiction. Screenwriting teacher Robert McKee defines genre conventions as the "specific settings, roles, events, and values that define individual genres and their subgenres."[2] These conventions, always fluid, are usually implicit, but sometimes are made into explicit requirements by publishers of fiction as a guide to authors seeking publication. There is no consensus as to exactly what the conventions of any genre are, or even what the genres themselves are; assigning of works to genres is to some extent arbitrary and subjective.
Genre fiction is often dismissed by literary critics as being pure escapism, cliched, and of poor quality prose.

I enjoy reading genre fiction and I hope to expand my tastes by exploring horror and thrillers. I enjoy escapism, and that's not something that should be criticised. Everyone wants escape. I don't know what else to discuss on this matter, so leave comments or links to your posts so I can visit them!

4 thoughts:

  1. great post! hope you enjoy the rest of Armchair BEA!

  2. I think it's incredibly impressive you've stuck with your blog for so long! I also love your wand analogy. I put more of my personality into my reviews than I used to, but it's still an area in which I think I could improve. I have mixed feelings about my old reviews. I like that I can see that my reviews have improved and I feel like deleting old posts would be sad somehow, but part of me also hopes no one else goes back and reads them!

  3. 13? OMG! I am the old. I think it will be amazing to have all of those older posts some day. And it will possibly encourage someone who sees how you write now and how you wrote then that they can do it too.

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