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16 February 2013

Welcome to Pages, guests and readers! I just posted the picture above to see how many avid book readers would cry out in anger. don't be mad, I disagree with this too! Maybe we're getting off on the right foot, but I've been searching for a good part of half an hour trying to find a photograph to start off with. So there.

I haven't done a Feature and Follow is so long. Plus, it's about 20 minutes to midnight right now and I should hurry up before Friday ends! My old followers will know that I changed the rules up a bit soo here you are:

Here on Pages, I kind of tweaked the rules of Feature and Follow to fit my morals about blogging. Here are the "tweaked" rules :D

If I followed you, you are NOT required to follow me back: only if you want to :)
If you follow me, I'll seriously consider following you back, but it's not guaranteed

I don't like how people are required to follow other blogs in this hop. I think one should follow a blog because he or she likes it, not because he/she feels obliged because the other blog owner/writer followed him or her's blog. You know? (Being grammatically correct is a bit wordy). Life's a bit too busy to read blogs that doesn't fit one's taste.

Today's question is really interesting and I guess that's another reason why I wanted to do a Feature and Follow!
by the way, here's to make up for the scandalous first photograph. I stared at this for hours... 

ACTIVITY:  Write a letter to your favourite character. Rant, rave or gush…just pretend like they are real and you just want to let them know a “few things”. 

All right then.I don't have a favourite character, so I'll pick one that's cliché and someone you all must be well-acquainted with. No, not Harry Potter. I have nothing to say to him because he's made me so happy and satisfied. I would just say to him "Good job, Harry" and pat his shoulder. No no no, this person, this lucky recipient is none other than the infamous Edward Cullen of Twilight by Stephanie Meyer! He's not my favourite, but I think it's more interesting to write to a character one hates. One has a lot to say to those he hates. For instance, in Anna Karenina: I detest Count Vronsky. I would much rather write to him instead of...Levin for instance. Levin, don't give up and pursue her! Vronsky you shameless bastard, let's have a talk. Do you see what I mean? Yes yes, so my letter to Edward:

Dearest Edward,
  Let's cut all formalities and get down to business. I know you. Yes yes, I know you're a vampire and to me, you're completely fictional. I know your life's story and your wife and your daughter and your entire family. Please, don't think of me as a threat to you or your family. I mean no harm, none at all. But having thoroughly examined your life through the words of another (we shall call her your Creator--just a nickname I suppose), I must propose some...criticisms. I mean no offence, even though I'm criticising your personality and actions which lead to you as a creature of the night. 
  First off, after living as a vampire for over 107 years, why don't you do something useful with your existence? Compile research for some medicinal cures, educate yourself and work for the betterment of society--why do you feel compelled to attend high school over and over again? I understand it's because you don't want to draw attention to yourself by doing monumental achievements for humans (or vampires!) but honestly, isn't sinking yourself so low as to be a high-schooler? And at that, prey on a sweet-blooded, weak human girl?
 Oh please, don't be offended by my analysis of Mrs Edward Cullen (aka. Bella Swan) but as a character, she's a bit dull. Apart from that matter, I must bring attention to your other qualities that I question. As an ancient soul, you must have developed some ideas of how to be romantic. Do you honestly think stalking your then-girlfriend, watching her sleep, and being annoying cryptic to her is in any way romantic? 

 I must go soon, so thus my letter to you must be cut off. I will part with a response question that I hope to recieve answered along with your rebuttal to my criticisms. What exactly do you love (specific, valid reasons) about Bella Swan? Do you think the reason why you love her, are married to her, and have had a child with her is because you were attracted to her blood and found out you couldn't read her mind? You once said you found her a "mystery" and maybe even called her a "challenge". Do you think this is love or lust and actuation? Do let me know.

 Good day Mr Cullen,

For all you Twilight fans, please don't hate me. I was quite polite and hopefully respectful to Mr Cullen. 

HAHA, this is what I become like after reading old Russian fiction. Ah look, it's not Friday anymore. It's 12:01. Perfect. 

As a parting gift, here is a photograph of a laughing pair of friends that you all know. Benedict Cumberbatch, the beautiful actor blessed with cheekbones of gods, and Tom Hiddleston, who IS a god. 

Bona nit, my friends. (or good morning, afternoon, evening) 

13 thoughts:

    On another note, loved your letter to Edward. Seriously though, WHY would an immortal vampire WANT to spend his time in high school?!

  2. A gif of a reading cat and a very funny letter to Edward Cullen?! I think I'm in love.

  3. LOL Nice!

    New GFC follower


  4. Hahaha, I enjoyed the letter! :)

  5. New GFC follower :) Thanks for visiting my blog. And I like the letter too, it made me laugh.

    The Book Bundle

  6. HAHA omg your letter is fab!! :D

    New Follower via GFC :)

    My F&F Post :)

  7. Thanks for stopping by our F&F and leaving such a kind comment! I love your letter, Twilight was one of the first young adult books I read and since reading other books, my list of problems with it only grows. You raise some valid points in quite a humorous (but polite) way ;). Following back via GFC!!

  8. NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. The first picture, the horror! *shock* I don't mind the last picture, it's always nice to see Tom :p I love your letter, haha.

  9. new follower through f&F. i run a new adult book http://nabooksvsboys.blogspot.co.uk(please follow back) i love your letter

  10. That is a great letter but I think you were less harsh than I would be perhaps if I wrote him a letter! Kirthi I would also love to read your letter to Count Vronsky!

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