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31 December 2012

Happy New Years everyone!
2013 is going to be an exciting, fun and productive year! With only a few hours left, I'm kind of rapidly putting together this post. Instead of looking behind at this year, I'm going to look forward :) I kind of already made some resolutions on the "hello and bye-bye: BIG CHANGES" post, but I'll summarise  and add a bit more, if you don't mind :)

More Reviews

I know, I know. I promised myself that my next post on this blog would be a book review, yet that hasn't happened, has it? So this year, I will make it a goal to post more reviews than any other type of blog content. Sounds fair, right?


I stopped doing challenges for two years because I found myself reading books simply to fill in my challenges, and not to read good literature. When I finished a book, I would automatically think "Hey, now I can add this to my challenge bar!" instead of "Damn, what a good book!" I hope that this year will be different, and I'm actually doing some challenges. I've created my own, since I don't really want to hunt down challenge pages, haha.


I've already started on my quest to read more classics. I've finished Richard III, and I'm starting Othello as far as Shakespeare is concerned. Currently reading The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde. I'll focus on classics more than YA this year, hopefully.

Personal Goals

As for some personal goals, I am definitely getting a massive chunk of novel writing. The NOVEL will become more substantial than just a bunch of ideas and elements scribbled in a Moleskin notebook. Also, going to exercise more! I've been losing a lot of muscle due to my hypothyroid and I'm becoming flabby. Blegh! Eat healthy! Live healthy! WOOHOO! I'm all pumped!


4 thoughts:

  1. Reading more classics is a good idea! I might do that too, because I always seem to forget about them.. I wasn't very serious with my reading challenges last year, but I'm participating in some now :D It's fun! And I can't wait to see more reviews from you :) Happy reading! :D

    And I always have personal goals as well, haha. Most of them are quite the same, but hey, there will be a year :D

  2. Great goals for 2013.

    Happy New Year! :)

  3. Woohoo! Love your enthusiasm... get those goals, girl!!! :)

  4. Great new years resolutions!! I hope to read some more classics this year as well :)


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