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06 December 2012

  Perhaps some GIFS of how I'm feeling for finals in less than a week from now!

Less than a week from now ("Oh, I have a while before finals, no need to worry less than a week....NOOOO!")

How I react to "Finals can only help your grade! They're easy, you'll do fine"
On the outside, I maintain a chill exterior. "I got this". When truly, inside, when I realise how important my grades are and how crucial it is that I have to pass:


No amount of studying will prepare me for that day when I walk in the room with nothing but a pencil and face that exam:

Also, I got a book in the mail! This one I ordered off of Amazon and finally received:

The first is a glorious, first edition copy of The Shadow of the Wind. It's in mint condition, and contains one of the most haunting, beautiful stories I've ever read within. There's it beside it's sequel, The Angel's Game. If you haven't already, you must read it!

I must read the Tao of Pooh for class, but I dislike it, so I won't mention it in my bookish thoughts :D Hope you're all having a fantastic almost-end-of-the-week!

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  1. Ahahaha, love your graphics. GOOD LUCK, but I'm sure you'll do great on your finals! :)


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