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20 December 2012

Welcome, welcome readers of all sorts! New readers, old ones, and even the in-between readers who have heard of Pages, but have never ~gasp~ followed!
Oh but no matter; it will soon be remedied as I introduce myself!

Hallo :D
  This is the first time I've done Feature and Follow Friday's....my last post was sometime in July. Naturally, it means there are many more bloggers I haven't yet met! Please leave a comment below so I can get to know you and therefore, become friends with you :)
Here on Pages, I kind of tweaked the rules of Feature and Follow to fit my morals about blogging. Here are the "tweaked" rules :D

  • If I followed you, you are NOT required to follow me back: only if you want to :)
  • If you follow me, I'll seriously consider following you back, but it's not guaranteed

I don't like how people are required to follow other blogs in this hop. I think one should follow a blog because he or she likes it, not because he/she feels obliged because the other blog owner/writer followed him or her's blog. You know? (Being grammatically correct is a bit wordy). Life's a bit too busy to read blogs that doesn't fit one's taste.
I hope you don't mind me changing it up a bit! 

 Today's question is such:

Before book blogging, publishers were untouchables, like they were so high up there! I viewed them as
  • obscure companies that had different names and symbols on books (Penguin had a different stamp than HarperCollins) I used to think they were all different, but the same. 
 I didn't even think about the companies much. All I cared about was the book. I noticed discrepancies  with how the book was formatted and how it differed from company to company, but that was pretty much it. They were just big, kind giants that let me read books.

That sounds very childish, but mind you: I did start blogging at age 13, unlike you experienced, older adults out there on the internet. :)

I've learned many things in my four years actually :) Let's list a few:
  • Publishers appreciate bloggers and their input
  • You can contact an author's publicist for ARCs, review copies, giveaways 
  • You can talk to an author's agent or sometimes directly contact the author to find out more about him/her or just fangirl :)
  • They are VERY friendly and always willing to help
Publishing companies really are nice, friendly giants. The e-mails I get in return are, however, concise and brief. But these people are busy and can't write a personal response each time, you know? 

So tell me about yourself! Leave a comment with a link to your blog so I can have the pleasure of meeting you :)

Happy Friday and a happy holiday/non-denominational winter break/winter season!
P.S. I'm kind of in a Tumblr haze at the moment, and thought I'd let you other Tumbler-ers know that I am a die-hard Hiddleston fangirl (this blog's miscellaneous page has all that stuff :D)

The bookish-themed one about Thor and Loki visiting the library has an inside joke. Look at the cover of Loki's book :D If you'd like, look up "Loki and SvaĆ°ilfari", hehehehe. Prepare yourself for a very interesting story.
don't forget to.....leave a comment, ahaha :)

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  1. What a great analysis about publishers :)

    New Follower!
    Happy Holidays! :)

  2. Great stuff to know about! :D Old follower here. Have a merry Christmas! :D

    My FF

  3. Awesome answer. I loved learning all of that stuff when I started. Blogging is just plain awesome. Thanks for following me and visitng my FF. Old Follower. =]

  4. Have a great week-end.


  5. Hi, from a new GFC follower.

    This meme is such a great way to find new blogs to follow! :)

  6. wow youve been in the game a while. i just started blogging not too long ago. check out my FF *New Follower* ~ Katie @ Inkk

  7. I've never contacted a major publishing company before so this is great to know! They always intimidated me. D: New GFC follower!

    Here's my #FF.

  8. 4 years, such an achievement! :D

    Old follower of course ^^


  9. Hahaha I love your answer! And the Avengers pics. 4 years is a really long time. It's amazing that you've stuck with it! New GFC follower :)

    Here's my FF post!

  10. I love that there's so much Loki-ness here!

  11. I've never contacted a major publishing company before...it seems a little intimidating!

    New GFC follower. My FF: http://2ndbooktotheright.blogspot.com/2012/12/feature-and-follow-friday-4.html

  12. New follower hopping thru. Had a blog for a while but slowly learning. PageGirlsPageofBookReviews

  13. I have learnt so much about book blogging, i didn't realize just how people are into it and now i'm hooked!! :-o)

    Hopping on thru follow my link below
    "BookShelves Of Dreams"

  14. I always thought they were kinda the "big bads" too. Publishing is definitely evolving!

    New GFC follower (I like your style :)

    Bookworm Brandee


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