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13 December 2012

Hello everyone!
  No, it's not a topic post. It's actually me procrastinating my studying my delving into book related quests. I'd like to say that my school library is the best. The librarians are true readers, and they buy the latest books to share with the population of the school, most of which do not read. I find myself amongst others who either hang out in the library just to sit on the couches, or like-minded readers who talk about books to me. "Hey, is that really a good book? I heard it was" or "Yeah, I'm looking for a good sci-fi. Do you know any?" I prefer the latter bunch :D

 Now, back to the topic at hand. Most of the blogs I'm following review/feature/lust after a lot of YA books that honestly, to me, are trash. Books like Fallen by Lauren Kate and other paranormal books that are shallow and bland. I never mean to offend anyone, author or reader, but it's just how I feel about certain books. So on my quest to find cultural background books, I went to the #1 book website ever: Goodreads! (do you all remember shelfari? I used to have one, but then Goodreads came into existence and shelfari kind of died)

 I love cultural books and historical fiction because they have a true story, they have characters that don't fall in love with two hot guys and get trapped in a paranormal adventure of true love or anything: it's based on real life events and a rich, enchanting culture full of beauty and life.

 I'd like to feature some books that I really want to read (also, most aren't recently published, so you might find them in your local library!)

Winter in Madrid by C.J Sansom
A popular mystery writer breaks out with this page-turning international bestseller set in post-Civil War Spain 
September 1940: the Spanish Civil War is over, Madrid lies in ruin, while the Germans continue their march through Europe, and General Franco evades Hitler's request that he lead his broken country into yet another war. Into this uncertain world comes a reluctant spy for the British Secret Service, sent to gain the confidence of Sandy Forsyth, an old school friend turned shady Madrid businessman. Meanwhile, an ex-Red Cross nurse is engaged in a secret mission of her own. Through this dangerous game of intrigue, C. J. Sansom's riveting tale conjures a remarkable sense of history unfolding and the profound impact of impossible choices.

Most of the reviews are highly praising, and I love Spain (see voyage for all that stuff)

Bone by Fae Myenne Ng
In this profoundly moving novel, Fae Myenne Ng takes readers into the hidden heart of San Francisco's Chinatown, to a world of family secrets, hidden shames, and the lost bones of a "paper father." It is a world in which two generations of the Leong family live in an uneasy tension as they try to fathom the source of the middle daughter Ona's sorrow. Fae Myenne Ng's portraits of the everyday heroism of the Leongs--who inflict deep hurt on each other in their struggles to survive, yet sustain one another with loyalty and love--have made "Bone" one of the most critically acclaimed novels of recent years and immediately a classic of contemporary American life

I read Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok and other Chinatown books that were absolutely beautiful, and I can't wait to read another. There's something about the Asian style of writing that's so poetic and lovable.

Rooftops of Tehran  by Mahbod Seraji 
In this poignant, eye-opening and emotionally vivid novel, Mahbod Seraji lays bare the beauty and brutality of the centuries-old Persian culture, while reaffirming the human experiences we all share.

In a middle-class neighborhood of Iran's sprawling capital city, 17-year-old Pasha Shahed spends the summer of 1973 on his rooftop with his best friend Ahmed, joking around one minute and asking burning questions about life the next. He also hides a secret love for his beautiful neighbor Zari, who has been betrothed since birth to another man. But the bliss of Pasha and Zari's stolen time together is shattered when Pasha unwittingly acts as a beacon for the Shah's secret police. The violent consequences awaken him to the reality of living under a powerful despot, and lead Zari to make a shocking choice...

I've had this on my TBR for ages! I still haven't gotten to it, but it's moved up on my priority list.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

Greece in the age of Heroes. Patroclus, an awkward young prince, has been exiled to the kingdom of Phthia. Here he is nobody, just another unwanted boy living in the shadow of King Peleus and his golden son, Achilles.

Achilles, 'best of all the Greeks', is everything Patroclus is not — strong, beautiful, the child of a goddess — and by all rights their paths should never cross. Yet one day, Achilles takes the shamed prince under his wing and soon their tentative companionship gives way to a steadfast friendship. As they grow into young men skilled in the arts of war and medicine, their bond blossoms into something far deeper — despite the displeasure of Achilles's mother Thetis, a cruel and deathly pale sea goddess with a hatred of mortals.

Fate is never far from the heels of Achilles. When word comes that Helen of Sparta has been kidnapped, the men of Greece are called upon to lay siege to Troy in her name. Seduced by the promise of a glorious destiny, Achilles joins their cause. Torn between love and fear for his friend, Patroclus follows Achilles into war, little knowing that the years that follow will test everything they have learned, everything they hold dear. And that, before he is ready, he will be forced to surrender his friend to the hands of Fate.

I once saw this on a blog a long time ago and remember wanting to win it (it was a giveaway post) so much! However, I just finished reading The Iliad recently and now I want to read this so badly that I would...I dunno what I'd do but I have to!

Are Your Eyes Bedazzled? Is your mind on fire? Do you want to read these or what?

Four is enough, ya? I have loads more, but I don't want to read them as much as I want to read these! The reason why most of my TBR list is still massive is because I usually wait for them to come out in the library. I'm too lazy, and too tight on money, to buy every book I want to read. If you've read, I've recently purchased my very own copy of The Shadow of the Wind after lusting at it for ages (I'd keep checking it out from the library just to read bits and pieces of the awesomeness).

I'm sorry I've been absent lately!It's not like I'm a massive part of your life and you've missed me dreadfully and oh how come you've left us all alone--hehe :D I'll be back! See, I'm taking a nice trip to the school library tomorrow and picking up a load of books to read over the holiday (I can have up to 5 books at a time! In elementary, it was only 2) Look forward to all those gorgeous books you'll be reading about here!

Have an awesome weekend, and the exams week if you live in America. God, I need to study for biology...ANYWAY: FAREWELL UNTIL NEXT WE MEET!

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  1. omigosh!! these all look amazing! i MUST add them to my to-read list!!
    p.s. i just got back fifteen minutes ago, so yea. tomorrow morn?
    but AHHH!!! these all look like great books to lose yourself in, and that is exactly the remedy i need right now!

  2. they look amazing!
    I also enjoy historical fiction and non-fiction :)
    Reality is surprising at times X)

    Good luck in your exams :)

    Saludos chica!



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