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13 October 2012

Inspired by this post at a Reading Daydreamer, I've decided to finally stop being lazy and actually discuss something important (at least, to me)

How Blogging Has Changed:
Well, Jen (Reading Daydreamer) specifically mentioned ARCs and how blogging has become very competitive with the most popular blogs being the ones that receive the most ARCs. When I started four years ago (my anniversary is in two days!) many blogs that are huge today were in their early years. Everything was about sharing a love for books. I know that sounds so cliché and ideal, but it really was. Huge blogs gained followers through giveaways, but bloggers who were at my level: we commented on each other's blogs often and discussed books and what we liked and didn't.

I've noticed a trend in ARCs. Lots of blogs have already spoken about the courtesy and requests for ARCs that one should follow. For the first year, I was too naive to realise that I could actually get an ARC. I just reviewed books that were already published and that I could find at the library. To me, blogging is still just about the love of books. I only ask for ARCs on books that I really really like the sound of, and not just because I want free books. I don't constantly try to get as many as I can, because I don't have the time for that.

I'm not saying I'm better than everyone: it's just that blogging really IS different.

Lack of Blogging Friends
It seems that with so many blogs, it's hard to keep a track of a few. I used to have a group of really close blogging friends that I absolutely enjoyed: but most of them have shut down their blogs, or have gotten thousands of followers so that it's just too hard to keep in contact. Or time has acted as a barrier and I barely speak to them anymore. Back then, being friends with other bloggers was REALLY important, and I think that importance has deteriorated over the years.

Blogging as a business
Blogging is not a business. It shouldn't be. That'd be like owning a website or something. Lately, many bloggers have been turning into super-pro blogs. When this happens, it disconnects them from other people, and therefore defies the purpose of having a blog, in my opinion.

Who Were My Friends? 
You hear me talking about them often. Here are some posts from way back when that really show what blogging was like:

Top Ten (9) Bloggers of 2010 (You'll see the now really popular Brent from Naughty Book Kitties on there!)
Why I love Blogging (2010) I got lots more comments from the people I enjoyed, reading them now makes me feel nostalgic
Blogger Bullying (2010): When I got bullied. The support I received was so comforting and amazing!

5 thoughts:

  1. 4 years???? You have been bloggin for 4 years??
    It's amazing :)
    I totally agree with most of what you say. I started blogging just because I love books. My blog has been growing little by little but I notice that some people start blogs and inmediately wants 1000 followers and receive a lot of ARCs or books to review!
    I do it as a hobby and like I said I LOVE BOOKS.
    I have only one or two bloggers friends just because is hard to stay in touch with so many people :)


  2. Very interesting post! I'm new to blogging, and I feel like it is a hard to find the balance between networking your blog and trying to connect with other bloggers - I envy those bloggers who started early and have a good group of blogger friends. :) I

  3. Great post, blogging changes so much. I just turned 3 years last month.

    I do have a few blogging friends but they do not blog often anymore, real life takes over. 2 close ones gave up their blogs completely even though one is still on Goodreads.

    I think the networking is still important. I learned early to only accept ARC's I thought sounded interesting.

    The accepting awards were great back in the day but it did take away from reading and networking. I wonder how the newbies make out with that now.

  4. Great post! As someone who just started blogging seriously a few months ago, this is good stuff to know! :D Thanks!

  5. I can respect the book blogger that puts a lot of time and effort into their blog that they've earned the opportunity to receive ARCs. But, it makes me sad that so many people seem to enter the realm of book blogging because of the potential of receiving free books. It makes me feel like many people are forgetting why we started these book blogs to begin with!

    - Jackie


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