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21 October 2012

You all may not know this because I rarely ever mention this, but I do in fact read manga and I have for years. I don't mention it on this blog because I believe this blog is for novels, literary in only words. That's why you don't see graphic novels here.

But I do love manga a whole lot. It's a different type of novel, like a film in novel/drawing form. I mainly read shoujo because secretly (not so secret) I enjoy sappy romances. But not the literary YA romances that I read about: the Japanese manga ones that I can actually see.

Shoujo mangas are very visual and emotional, tugging on one's heart strings and effectively portray a story. It's because instead of just reading "He blushed profusely" or "she said with dangerous fervour", one can actually see it. I'm not making sense, but facial expressions say a lot more than words and manga-kas (manga "writers") have perfected it.

Like right now, I was just reading the latest chapter of Akuma to Love Song and I decided to find an old chapter image to show you what I mean (w/o spoilers!) The ones I wanted to use had spoilers, so if you're planning on reading it (it's AMAZING) then I won't be the one to ruin it

You can see exactly what each character is feeling and you can hear Maria's voice in your head. Even the heart has the effect of showing you her danger (with that cool, darkened face)

The amazing mangas will make you cry and laugh and giggle, and here are some that I recommend:

Fruits Basket (THE ULTIMATE MANGA! #1)
VB Rose (really sweet and cute, I CRAVE this one)
Love So Life
KouKou Debut
Hana Kimi
Special A
Ouran High School Host Club
Beauty Pop
Black Bird

 OK I know these sound like terrible titles. I laughed at first when my friend introduced me to "Fruits Basket". I thought to myself, "What the heck? Is it about...a basket of fruit? What are these strange drawings? The eyes are so disproportionate to the face. HAHA what's up with their tiny mouths? Why do they always wear such short skirts! The modesty, honestly"

 I was naive. It's not about the drawings (even though some styles really bother me) and well...maybe it IS about the drawings. That's an important factor. But the story is what's so sweet.

 A manga that has the most HILARIOUS drawings is Dengeki Daisy. It cracks me up every page! Look look, proof:

While we're talking about funny things, here's this gif I found on Tumblr that's just so ridiculously funny that I've shared it with so many friends. I dare you not to laugh! I've broken out into hysterical laughing over it, to the point of tears: so it's quite emotionally intense. Prepare yourself.


2 thoughts:

  1. I enjoy manga, but I've not read much of it. In high school, I had to rely on my friends to supply me with the goods. They're so gosh darn expensive, and there are always a kajillion in a series!

    I loved the series called Mars. Um...Marmalade Boy. Oh! Oh! Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstance! Kare Kano was really good, if you've not read it.

    I also really enjoyed Ranma 1/2 even though I only read a handful of the books. I remember it being pretty funny. That one is not shoujo though.

    I've not read the Fruits Basket manga books, but I have seen the anime. It was pretty cute. And, from what you posted, the manga seems even cuter!

    Oh, and I can't forget Sailor Moon. First manga I ever read.

    Gosh, this post makes me want to read manga! I wonder if my library has a manga section. I've never looked for it before.

    - Jackie


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