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20 October 2012

Hello all! It's time for another giveaway sponsored by an awesome publishing company: Flux. I think this is Halloween themed, but its opinionated. I believes the paranormal concepts allow the book to be tied to the paranormal celebration of Halloween, don't you think?

The book is Foxfire by Karen Kincy: it was just released this month, so if you want to, it's available to purchase in stores. Now, I've only read the first book and it's enjoyable but I regret to say that I haven't read the second and not even this one. If you're a reviewer, I'd like to read your review on this! :)

In this short, ten day giveaway, any US resident will have a chance to win a copy of the book!'s the third instalment in with two other books before it, so it'll make sense for only those you've read or are planning to read the first two to enter!

About the Book:

Tavian and Gwen race to find a magical cure in the third thrilling Other novel. Tavian has never forgotten his real mother, a shapeshifting Japanese fox spirit like himself, who abandoned him. On a trip to Japan, his homeland, he discovers that she's alive. But a faceless ghost warns Tavian to stay away from her. Even worse, Tavian's magical fox powers have vanished. Finding his mother in Tokyo's seamy underworld may be his only chance to beat back the vicious dog spirits stalking him and his girlfriend Gwen--and to recover from a fatal magical illness eroding his human side.

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About the Author:

Karen Kincy (Redmond, Washington) lives among countless trees, some of which—her pet kumquats and oranges—have lovingly invaded her apartment. Unlike her characters, she has never been on the run from the law or bitten by a werewolf, though she has been known to howl at the moon. Karen has BA in Linguistics and Literature from The Evergreen State College, and is studying toward a Master’s in Computational Linguistics. (more on her website)

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2 thoughts:

  1. I'd probably shift into something useful, like a cat. Able to get out of trouble in a snap! Sleeping in sunbeams also sounds appealing. The impractical choice would to shift into a panda bear, but that's only because they're my favorite animal. I'm not actually keen on eating bamboo all day.

    - Jackie

  2. a wolf



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