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11 September 2012

Hello all!
  I've remained very dormant with this blog and I really want to write more and do more with it! So I will. Homework and studying isn't an excuse to just leave everyone. So for now, I'll let you know what I'm up to reading-wise.

 I have a fantastic school library that has ALL the updated YA books in the modern world, rather than the public library that has nothing. In fact, my school is doing this wicked Kindle check-out where they check out Kindles to readers! It's the most brilliant idea, and I'm filling out a form to be able to do that, but I'll only use it for books I can't get in the paper edition. I love paper books.

 Currently, for class, I am reading The Epic of Gilgamesh (this version)

A great king, strong as the stars in Heaven. Enkidu, a wild and mighty hero, is created by the gods to challenge the arrogant King Gilgamesh. But instead of killing each other, the two become friends. Travelling together to the Cedar Forest, they fight and slay the evil monster Humbaba. But when Enkidu is killed, his death haunts and breaks the mighty Gilgamesh. Terrified of mortality, he resolves to find the secret of eternal life...
(image and summary from goodreads)

I have yet to write a re-review on The Life of Pi because my thoughts have completely changed for that one after going over it in class. I have a quiz on this book in class tomorrow, so I'll be off to read it soon! For those of you who have read it: what do you all think?

Also reading:
summary here

summary here

They may look boring, but I've just barely gotten through both of them, so I have no opinions at the moment. I don't usually do these "currently reading" posts, but I feel like I should fill you in and repentance for my absence. Thank you all for sticking with me, and remember to enter my 600 follower giveaways!

2 thoughts:

  1. The Epic of Gilgamesh... I've heard of that somewhere... it's from early, early society, right? India, or perhaps Mesopotomia. No, India, from the Classical period, I think, in BCE times. Gah, it's dancing on the edge of memory. Oh, well. It sounds pretty epic (no pun intended)! :D

  2. Ooh The Far Pavilions, I've wanted to read that for ages. Can't wait to see what you think of it.


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