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16 September 2012

book info:
ages: 12 and up
grades: 7-8 and up
years: 9 and up
on sale: now in stores!
copy from: publisher
pages: 422

title: The City's Son
author: Tom Pollock

Expelled from school, betrayed by her best friend and virtually ignored by her dad, who’s never recovered from the death of her mum, Beth Bradley retreats to the sanctuary of the streets, looking for a new home. What she finds is Filius Viae, the ragged and cocky crown prince of London, who opens her eyes to the place she’s never truly seen.

But the hidden London is on the brink of destruction. Reach, the King of the Cranes, is a malign god of demolition, and he wants Filius dead. In the absence of the Lady of the Streets, Filius’ goddess mother, Beth rouses Filius to raise an alleyway army, to reclaim London’s skyscraper throne for the mother he’s never known. Beth has almost forgotten her old life – until her best friend and her father come searching for her, and she must choose between the streets and the life she left behind. (goodreads)

Now look at that beautiful cover! I got the not-so-good cover, the one on the right. This book is all about the city of London, the magic, the myth and all the creatures in it. The cover above, the UK edition I believe, is absolutely magnificent in showing the diversity in the book, whereas the US one just looks like a cheap paranormal romance. I like how the first cover's placed importance on the actual book and city and story, rather than this one (the one I received) that just blatantly spits out a few elements from the book like a careless little graphic job. I sound harsh, sorry, but that's what I feel it is, you know?

On to the review!

It's taken me too long to read this. I'd read the first ten pages: get bored, leave it alone, then go back because I had to complete it. The process would repeat over the course of nearly a month, until today when I've finally completed the remaining 80% in about an hour and a half of determined reading.

The story is rich with unique concepts, fascinating creatures and a really intriguing premise that is like one I've never read before. It's just that the...the way it's written, is without flow. It's very choppy, and confused me many times. I had no idea what was going on, or what the actual goal was or anything!

Even the creative wild ideas seemed...empty at times. There wasn't much description of settings or battles and I didn't have that film playing out in my head; I couldn't visualise the story like stories are supposed to be visualised. I skimmed near the end, getting tired of reading without transitions and finally sighed with relief at the end.

However, The City's Son is bold, original and fast-paced; exciting at times. I believe a lot of other people will enjoy this more than I have, and I can see why it'd be lovable my audiences.

I award this book two and a half trees, mostly because I as a reader didn't enjoy it. There are ups and downs, but the negatives, for me, outweighed the positives. Recommended for lovers of urban fantasy!

3 thoughts:

  1. Aww, so sorry you didn't enjoy this. :( So sad because it seems that this had so much potential. It was original with awesome concepts.. Great honest review!

  2. I am sorry it took you a while to read it :)
    The important thing is that at least you finish it :)



  3. I'm sorry to hear it took you so long to finish it, but at least it was good enough to finish :p I like the sound and I absolutely love the new cover! So much better. Thanks for your honesty.


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