21 September 2012

Hello readers!
   You may see that I'm at one of my low points in blogging, and I must confirm your suspicions. It's the last 9 weeks of the semester starting next week, and I need to pull of my dropping grades. Which means no distractions, including:

  • blogging
  • tumblr
  • 9gag
  • reading
  They're distractions, but not bad ones. I'm not saying that I don't like them, but only at this time do I need to think about my priorities. Which are grades. So I'll see how in a month or two, and I'll be dropping by as often as I can so I'm not gone FOREVER for this end of the year. I'll see what best I can do. Weekends will be the only times I'll be able to blog!

 Thanks so much for sticking with me! I hope that over any holidays or breaks and during the summer, I will return full fledged to you all in complete reading indulgences! Until we meet again!


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