slowing things down

08 August 2012

Hello readers!
  I am going to slow things down. Like, two posts a week instead of sporadically. I am going to be a sophomore in high school, and I am taking 7 classes (8 including lunch). It's one more class than many people, because I have 0 period AP European History.

 I will keep reviewing and keep doing the things I do, but just twice a week, yeah? Also, I've got a huge treat for you on the fourteenth of this month. I've been working on it for ages and it's sucked up a lot of time and effort, so I hope it'll make up for my "slowing" of things.

 What do you think? Do you have like, set days where you post, or do you just post whenever?


2 thoughts:

  1. Dear Kirthi,
    Thanks for visiting my blog
    I have followed your blog!!!!
    Please follow back it would mean so much to me!

  2. AP European History? I took AP World History this past year. We focused mostly on Europe, because... well, that's where a lot of history happened. But hey, at least you don't have to memorize the Chinese dynasties, India's culture, the Mesoamerican and the African stuff as well. :)

    I'm actually going to have to start posting two days a week, too. I'm taking 3 AP classes this year (my junior year) and it's getting to the end of the summer... my summer assignments are waiting! >.<

    Have a blessed day! (And a blessed summer. ^.^)


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