my summer reading: The Book Thief

01 August 2012

I finished this a week ago and have been meaning to post about it! My summer reading required me to complete a dialogue journal of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, and I think I did loads better than last summer's. Blood, sweat and tears, my friends :)

Since notebook was a plain, plastic green covered composition one, I decided to make it fit the....aura of the book, by making a cover out of newspaper. I cut out letters to make the titlte, and used postage envelops for the yellow strips (thanks to Scholastic, for the envelope, hehe) The golden ribbon is to keep the notebook shut and not bend any pages. Plus it's flashy :D
The watercolour cover I made as my version. The one I had was with dominoes and I didn't really like it.

The Book Thief, or my copy of it, did not have a table of contents, and my journal required I label the chapter, so I had to make my own table of contents. I wrote them on bookmarks, then hand-wrote them all together for a final time. 

That's an example of the entries I wrote, which were very long and thought out. I think I deserve an A on this:

The pictures look really small, you may want to click on them to make them larger or something :)

I totally feel like all I've done is complain and argue on getting a good grade, but this was truly a fun assignment and I had great fun with it! What do you think? What were your summer assignments?

4 thoughts:

  1. Nice. :) You totally deserve an A+++++ on this. I could not do half that amazing work. It looks like fun!

  2. ~ahhh can I just fangirl over how beautiful your journal cover is??? I want a journal that's that beautiful!!
    You definitely deserve an A++ on this :)

  3. This is really cool, and I love your cover with the watercolors. Wonderful and awesome.

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