600: a success! and a thank you!

21 August 2012

Hello readers!
  I am so excited that all the giveaways and interviews and posts for this magnificent celebration are all up! They're more for you than they are for me, so I do hope you've entered! Nevermind all the extra entries, I just want to give you all something in return! Had I my way, I would give you all chocolates and book money (a generous amount) but alas, that's not possible, haha :D

 I'd like to thank all the authors, all the publicists and all my readers for making this wonderful! I mean, I can't express how humbled I am that I have so many kind people as part of my blog. Everyone has been so amazing...and I'm getting soo sentimental that I better just stop before I turn this post into a pile of gush, hehe

 All the giveaways are listed at the top of my blog, so please go stop by enter as many as you'd like! This is probably going to be the biggest giveaway celebration I'll have for a while, so...oh god, I'm just repeating myself, aren't I? The point is: enter!

My thank you's are pretty vague, huh? I think I've explained it all in my 600 followers! post that I wrote when I achieved this feat, but it doesn't hurt to thank some more!

The Authors:

  • They are the gods of writing
  • Some are so connected with their readers, like Michelle Moran and Maria V. Snyder and many more! It's amazing that they can give their time to talk with us bloggers and simply be great and amazing people.
  • They're also very kind and thorough in interviews, and incredibly awesome with give aways!
  • They're writers! Hard-working writers that spend so much of their time creating stories for the world to read and enjoy. Back then, storytelling was a rare gift. Now, with printing press: we can enjoy so much more!
The Publicists:
  • I understand it's their job, but they do it with such grace!
  • It doesn't matter that I'm fifteen years old: they value me and my blog enough to talk to me, offer up books for review and give aways and correspond with me: they put value on blogs like mine!
  • They do a fantastic job making sure everyone is happy, and an amazing job promoting lovely books
  • Really kind people! It's always a pleasure to talk to them. They answer any questions, and do their best to fulfil requests and get things done. Hard-working and appreicated!
The Readers:
  • Are those who make this blog what it is today
  • Their support has driven me to be a better analyser, a better reader, and a better person. 
  • Comments. Everyone loves them: but my commenters are so enthusiastic, and write fabulous comments. I often complain about short ones like "Great review!" etc..., so maybe that's why...but nonetheless  comments fuel this blog!
  • Fabulous bloggers. I've stated so many times what an intricate and friendly network of book lovers form the book blogging world, and the readers that connect Pages with their blogs, and read Pages: thanks for including me!
  • Avid readers: I'm not just blogging to a vague audience: I have readers who love reading, and that's what makes me love blogging about books. You all are awesome <3 li="li">
I sound like I'm leaving forever or something: but I'm not, I promise you! Sometimes I wonder if it really matters if I leave, but I don't think I'd be able to do that, haha :D Now I better leave before I start crying :)


2 thoughts:

  1. It's ok to cry of happiness!
    Congrats on the series of post with giveaways, and interviews! I read most of them...
    BTW! You are 15??? SO cool that you are doing this at such an young age, it really will make a better person!
    For me books are the way to change the world :) people should read more!
    Thnks for visiting always my blog!


  2. Thank YOU for all the giveaways! It's so fun to connect with a blogger that so obviously loves what they do! :D


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