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22 July 2012

Hello friends!
  Soon, it's going to be the start of a new school year for me, and I want to bring about some changes to this book blog. I like the way it is. Simple, sweet: just reviews and topic posts, the occasional interview and giveaways. However, I feel like I'm not servicing to your interests so I decided to change things, but I want to know how you feel about it.

There are already many giveaways planned for this year, guaranteed, and I know how popular those are, haha. But would you guys like to see more:
  • interviews
  • book spotlights
  • guest posts
  • blogger interviews
  • excerpt reveals
And if so, what genres are you all most interested in seeing? I've added my opinions:
  • Young Adult (YA)  <---yes!
  •  Middle Grade (MG)
  •  Romance <---if it's in the YA genres
  •  Chick-Lit
  •  Fantasy <---YA
  •  Paranormal
  •  Contemporary <---YA
  •  Dystopian <----YA
  •  Mystery/Thriller
  •  Historical <---Adult or YA
See, I'm singing up to be a host on this blog tour website that has this as part of the sign-up. Before I do, I want to know if you guys would want to see these changes, and how. Personally, I'd just like to add a few giveaways and do interviews. I'm not really into guest posting, as you all follow me for my content, not someone else's. I'd love it if you guys could fill out the survey below!

 I've never participated in a blog tour before, so this is all new to me. It seems like a load of bloggers do it, and I think I should modernise my old fashioned blog, haha :) 

P.S. I may be adding some of what you say to a new page I'm making for opinions about my blog. If you want me to post what you say and link to you, do tell me!

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  1. To be honest, I just like reviews and tend to skip past blogs that have too many author interviews, cover reveals etc. Reviews are the meat of the blog!


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