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14 July 2012

Well, really the books in the bookshelf. I've taken a picture of my bookshelf before, but not the actual books that I own. Welcome: to my books! This may kind of look like bragging, but I don't usually buy books like many other bloggers, so I don't have too many fantastically envy-worthy books to share. 

First, I have my prized Harry Potter collection! I'm sad to say I've mis-located the Chamber of Secrets and I still need to get my own copy of The Half Blood Prince. I know they're the necessities in every bibliophile's library but...I promise I'll get to it! My favourite series ever: Harry Potter!

US Editions

Thanks to my Mum and Dad for getting them for me :D

By the way, I was just eating some Kit-Kats while re-reading a bit of the Deathy Hallows:
I unwrapped it in a strange way, so don't think I was like, mad with chocolate hunger or something, haha :D But I have been! It's been ages since I've actually had chocolate. Before this, I managed to sneak peanut M&M's at the cinema/theatre with my friend Rachel. Before that, I hadn't had any for months!

10,000 pounds for the perfect break. I tried. But it's so hard! Maybe next time :D I think the contest is over though... anyway: on with the books!

The Signed Books 

Cleopatra's Daughter and Madame Tussaud by Michelle Moran (in my favourites: great historical fiction!)

This is Hilary Duff's signature in her book, Elixir (which isn't a good book: a cliche Disney-type story) I watched her shows and movies (Cheaper by the Dozen) I can say it's my first celebrity "autograph"!

May you find many hours of happy reading with Shadows Cast by Stars- Catherine Knutsson (thank you!)

The awesome swag that came with it!

Another one of my all-time favourites: Eden by Keary Taylor. A fantastic, loveable dystopian novel.

Some of my favourites that I actually own:

A really emotional and thrilling book: like, amazingly brilliant. You must read this.
I love this cover. I love this book. It's so lovely.

My first Michelle Moran book: absolutely amazing! Even if you don't like historical fiction: you should give this one a go.

 Sorry if the pictures are so massive, and the horrible pastel colour of my bedspread. :D What do you think?

3 thoughts:

  1. Kirthi, how do you NOT have all the HP books?! I need to get 1-6 in hardback. You have some very nice books!

  2. You have some awesome books there. :) And I own (and have read at least twice) every HP book. Well, I've misplaced the seventh, but I know it's somewhere. I've been meaning to read Cleopatra'a Daughter and Shadows Cast by Stars, but I don't own either. Oh well! Next library trip. :)

  3. Those books look amazing! We have the whole Harry Potter series in the house and I've read up to book 4! :)


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