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26 July 2012

Voyage, pronounced "voy-aah-j" Like in that French accent. Now, for some shameless promotion :D

Hi readers! 

  This is actually a premature post requesting you all to visit and/or follow my new writing blog, Voyage. See, I'm having it designed but it's taking longer than expected. I'm not angry or anything, I'm just really excited. It's going to be simple and sweet and cute, and not professional like Pages is. A pleasant change I'm looking forward to! It's going to be more personal as well, seeing as I don't feel personal posts would fit well into the character of Pages. :D

the URL:
(It'd love it so much if you could stop by)

Why Start a Writing Blog?

 Anyway, a writing blog? I've seen many authors who had started blogging about writing and eventually got published, and I thought, "Well, that's a great idea!" Blogging has proven to be a motivator for me, knowing I had hundreds of people reading and  would be disappointed in me. I've started to really enjoy reading, and reading frequently (which is great, because before, I'd only read when I had time and just toss off books and go on with my life. Now, it's just great fun).

 My writing hasn't gone well. The writing itself is great, as many of me critique friends have told me, but it's like a flower. Ephemeral, short-lived, fleeting: but amazingly written. But I can't have a twenty page, unfinished novel published! I have to finish it! I mean, getting published is a reasonable dream. Not like, creating a wormhole to travel through time and space, or discovering a planet with intelligent life forms. It's going to happen eventually, but not in my life time. (I just had a vision of myself as a granny, watching television and learning that it happened. I'd eat my words then)

A Flaw

 Now, I notice a flaw in my writing blog idea. I've seen loads of bloggers who balance both books and writing in the same blog. And I don't want to be a "professional" writing blog, talking about querying and how to sell books and getting agents etc...I just want a blog about stuff. SO no, all things books will stay here.

Changes to Pages?

I'm going to focus more of reviews from now on, and I'm considering reviewing middle grade and children's books, as well as YA and adult fiction. What do you think? OF COURSE, the only outlier will be the 600 followers giveaway, as a sort of treat for you all where I'll have giveaways for paranormal books, as well as contemporary and historical fiction.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, and hopefully stopping by my new blog (I was about to say "newborn child")

4 thoughts:

  1. good luck with your new blog!! i've just started following :)

  2. Kirthi,
    That's a great idea! I will follow it. I have a writing blog too, though it is a pretty specific genre.

    Are you going to do writing competitions? I had this idea for a blog post once, (which I never followed through with) but it was Finish the Story.. Which you start a post and the comments thereafter finish the story. Sounds pretty fun, and with the imaginations of the readers it could be pretty interesting! Anyway, Congrats with the new page! :)

  3. Good luck with the new blog, I'm a follower :)

  4. Cool name: Voyage. That's one of my favorite words - it reminds me of vikings and adventure and the color green. ^.^ I'll definitely be a new follower.

    And I think two seperate blogs for reading and writing is a good idea - I have one blog for both, but seperating it sounds more coherent. Busy, but coherent. :)


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