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17 July 2012

Historical fiction is one my most favourite genres, but I just haven't actually gone out and picked them up. Getting books from the young adult section at my library is easy, it's several bookshelves along a wall that are all YA. However, going to the adult fiction section is like, about eight massive bookshelves one after another: so getting books there has been a put-off. I do plan, however, when I go to volunteer there again this Thursday, to hunt through that section. I shelve adult fiction for now, so it'll provide me with that opportunity, hehe :D

What inspired me to actually start on historical fiction is this historical fiction blog called The Tiny Library. I'll be reading and reviewing a lot of books that Sam has mentioned, yay! It's really exciting. What to expect:

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  • A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
  • A suitable boy : a novel by Vikram Seth
  • In Arabian nights : a caravan of Moroccan dreams by Tahir Shah
I'm pleased to read Arab/Indian historical fiction. I'm slightly biased because I am Indian, so I'll be able to understand a lot. And my family hangs out with Pakistanis and Sikhs and the whole awesome bunch, so I'll also have background info on Arab based historical fiction.

So what do you think? Do you have any historical fiction suggestions? It'd be cool if they were slightly older, so I can get them at the library, I haven't got the time or money to drive all the way over to Barnes and Noble (quite a distance from my house) you know? Thanks!

2 thoughts:

  1. I absolutely love historical fiction. Phillipa Gregory is one of my all time fave authors of historical fiction!

    I heard that A Thousand Splindid Suns is awesome, can't wait for the review!

  2. This post totally made my day :)

    I used to be more of an eclectic reader but now I tend to have a massive bias towards historical fiction.

    Are you going to join the Suitable Boy readalong?


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