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09 June 2012


book info:
ages: 16 and up
grades: 10 and up
on sale: now
copy from: local library
pages: 473

title: The Lady Elizabeth
author: Alison Weir
stars: 4.5

Even at age two, Elizabeth is keenly aware that people in the court of her father, King Henry VIII, have stopped referring to her as “Lady Princess” and now call her “the Lady Elizabeth.” Before she is three, she learns of the tragic fate that has befallen her mother, the enigmatic and seductive Anne Boleyn, and that she herself has been declared illegitimate, an injustice that will haunt her. (I will not include the rest of the summary as it contains spoilers)

my thoughts:

   I will start by saying that this is assigned summer reading for AP European History. I've always been deeply fascinated with court life in England, and the Tudors as well. I've heard loads about the television drama, but have deemed it too inappropriate to my young eyes. I'll watch it when I can, haha. 

   Now I started this book and got bored about fifteen pages in. However, I kept reading (I didn't have an option) and did not regret it. This being my first Alison Weir novel, I was astounded by how rich and thrilling it was, and how brilliant the characters shone. It's something that YA literature can't achieve, that subtle characterisation, and that smooth change from the ages of Elizabeth's life into the flawless weaving together of fact and fiction.
   I felt as if I were beside Elizabeth herself, and her and I both being Virgos, I felt a strong connection towards her as portrayed in this book. I believe that getting reads to connect with the character is the most important aspect for a writer to achieve, and Ms. Weir has done it. It's a classic historical fiction piece and I cannot wait to read more from this splendid author.

 This is a book I'd definitely recommend to all mature readers! 

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