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06 June 2012

Ever since I was five years old, I've been going to the library. My mum took me there and taught me how to read. I used to check out Arthur the Aardvark cassettes, and bag fulls of picture books and Junie B. Jones books. Nevertheless, these librarians have known me for quite a long time.

I used to go to their arts and crafts events when I was younger, but with budget cuts, there aren't many frequent activities. Using my book blog benefits, I donated the books I had won from other blogs or received from companies (they were not ARCs) which consisted of about twenty books. And---I feel like I'm bragging here. But yes, that's how I've been "networking" in real life. I've never really attended an actual books signing, and the closest I've gotten to that were the midnight magic parties for the Harry Potter books' release.

The idea of getting together with other book bloggers in real life is inconceivable. I'd love to do it, I would! I've just never known any bloggers within the area. Plus it's a bit like online dating. One has known these people from only online, from blogs, and maybe Skype, but never in real life. Part of me would be frightened, and the other part: excited. I do hope it's something I'll be able to do in the future!

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6 thoughts:

  1. Yea, it is scary and exciting. I don't think my hubby would be all that excited by me going somewhere and meeting a bunch of "strangers" that I only know from being on line. But I'd do it, if I found some in my area...Great thoughts. Have a wonderful week. My BEA Post

  2. Keeping your local library in your networking circle is very important - good point!

    Kate @ Ex Libris

  3. That's great that you are working with your library! I was intimidated the first time I met a blogger in real life, and was surprised that it was like chatting with an old friend. It's been that way for most of the bloggers I met in person. I say that like I've met a ton of them, but I think the current count is five. :)

  4. I'm embarrassed to admit that I had never considered the library as a networking resource. I should look into that.

  5. Love your comment about how it's like online dating - because in a way it is! Books are precious to us, and something we definitely feel passionately about it.

    Can I just say - it's been a while since I've visited and I LOVE your new look. It's so clean and perfect. Fantastic job!

  6. I have yet to get a chance to meet any book bloggers. I really hope I get to someday!


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