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08 June 2012

I think blogging for four years merits me the opportunity to give advice. I have a feeling this has been repeated in yesterday's post, but here it is nonetheless.

"Something I never want to repeat [in blogging]"

Getting obsessed. I used to visit hundreds of blogs, read tons of reviews, dig into books for days and ignore everything else. I used to jump onto my computer every hour to do something blog-related. I recognise that it's happening again (with the sudden gain of followers) and I hope that I can prevent it before it goes full on.

"What makes blogging easier"

Having fun. The reason why I had taken several long hiatuses from blogging was because I thought it wasn't fun anymore. I lost interest in posting reviews and I didn't read as much. Blogging then was like a job that was necessary, that I had to post a certain number of times a week, and that I had to be involved. It was a commitment problem, I think, that I didn't fully understand. Naturally, I'm back, and more matured. Now it's about having fun posting, having fun meeting new people, having fun reading. I'm truly enjoying blogging now.

What I've learned about book blogging 

I made a point in that previous sentence, and I'd like to expand on that thought. Is it possible that blogging, book blogging especially, makes one a better person? I've learned:

  1. To think before I type. I'm only human, and I've definitely posted things I regret posting, and have offended people that way. I, in a fit of passion, have written strongly about certain things I believe in personally that was not appropriate for a book blog, and I've learned that media is a strong tool that shouldn't be abused.
  2. To articulate my speech. I'm more eloquent when I type than when I speak. When I type, it's truly me speaking and not me speaking in common accepted speech as social culture dictates. I used to say "Hey! Ohmygosh, I love your shoes!" and I felt like some girly girl that wasn't me. But now, because I've had the opportunity to type out my thoughts, describe books and make my point clear using only words and no facial expressions or hand gestures to guide me, I would say "I really like your shoes! The blue totally fits you" and I feel like me. I have definitely sounded like myself, much smarter and more intelligent, because of my writing posts.
  3. To develop my own tastes and opinions. Blogging has been an outlet for me to really take a look at what I think as a whole. I realised that from all my negative reviews of paranormal books, that paranormal books aren't my thing and I really should stop reading them instead of posting negative reviews. Book bloggers don't enjoy posting negative reviews. If we had it our way, it would be five star ratings all the way though. And I have defended and upheld my opinion while getting a rounded view of everyone else's opinion. I'm really learning a lot.

What I hope will be the future of book blogging

I hope that my book blog is and would be considered a book blog of the future. Because I hope that 
  1. There won't be In My Mailboxes or obsessing over ARCs and such. I gave IMM a shot, but I realised that it was an opportunity to show off to others what one has recieved from publishers and friends, and it looked more like a popularity contest than anything else. Readers on this blog will only know I've gotten an ARC on my review, where I state where the copy was from (I'll just name the publisher who gave it to me, so really it's obscure whether or not it's an ARC or a finished copy). 
  2. There will be more thoughtful and deep felt content. I've seen more blogs posting good, brain-racking content and I'm very proud of them for that. Maybe this good trend will spread to others.
  3. Comments. I've gotten very good feedback from other bloggers who've commented on this post about detailed and well-thought out comments. I hope that in the future that readers will comment better, instead of "Nice post! Visit mine here" or "Wow! Good review! Check out mine here" and all. Honestly, that's just spam.
It's taken me all morning, with the distraction of reading this online manga (Koukou debut), to finish this. Phew! And it's been a long week that has finally come to an end!

Thank you

To all my new followers an readers. I hope I've replied to your comments and messages properly. I want to thank you so much for being part of Pages and for participating in this awesome armchair BEA. It's my first and I'm so glad I've done it. I was to thank Sabrina from About Happy Books for mentioning it briefly enough for me to have heard about it and want to join. I've met loads of lovely people and thoughtful bloggers and I'm thrilled it have you here. (don't forget to join my armchair BEA giveaway) I hope to hear more from you all soon! Happy end of armchair BEA! :)

P.S. For those you do not know, I enjoy posting funny Harry Potter pictures. I'll do more soon :)

5 thoughts:

  1. I have to agree with you on IMM type posts. I have stopped doing them, I don't need to show off and you are going to know what I got based on what I post reviews for :)

  2. Good luck with your plans!

  3. Hi Kirthi, I have enjoyed meeting you this week. I didn't know you have been blogging for 4 years. That is awesome. I have been blogging close to 2 and a half. I really don't participate in meme's much and have never done IMM. I very rarely get ARCs anyways and like I said yesterday, I am not in book blogging for the popularity vote. I just want to be a good writer.

  4. I've never done IMM, never saw the point to be honest.

    Congratulations on four years of blogging - that is a great achievement.

  5. I do mailbox memes not as a way to show off but as a way to give folks who otherwise wouldn't know my blog exists a chance to get a flavor of what I'll be reading. If you like paranormal romances, YA and eroticia, my blog isn't for you. If you like Christian fiction, romance, and women's fiction, it might be. Yes, you might stumble onto my blog via a google search or because I found yours, but attracting new readers is most of the reason bloggers participate in mailbox posts or things like ABEA/


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