02 June 2012

Thanks to that lovely Feature and Follow Blog Hop, I have now reached 500 followers! It's been something I've been trying to achieve for nearly a year :) I am so thrilled!

I realised my mistake in the 500 follower giveaway, as I said it'd end when I reached 500, but my new followers can't enter. BUT I think everyone has waited long enough, and my books are just stewing around waiting for new owners. I'll announce winners tomorrow!

Thank You

I want to thank everyone for sticking with me through thick and thin. I know I've been bipolar on blogging, on and off very often, and I may have given people the misconception that I don't care and/or don't enjoy blogging, but I do. I've told myself that maybe I should stop and call it quits like I've seen many blogs do. An old affiliate of mine did that, and many other notable blogs that had reached magnificent peaks: but I haven't. I'm going to keep this up because I truly enjoy the book blogging community. Discussing books to other, and finding good books to read based off of reviews, entering contests and just having a great time.

I'm getting a bit nostalgic thinking about when I had eight followers for almost a year. I had never thought I'd get this far, or see and meet many people and their lovely blogs. But I do feel old, even if it is only four years. I've grown up with this blog as a constant, when I was quite young, and that I'm going to keep going at it, past my twenties and maybe forever: I haven't thought that far yet though!

I'd just really like to thank everyone for being part of Pages! I'm ridiculously thrilled right now!

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