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30 May 2012

Everyone has known what it feels like to open up a book, a book one has heard so much about, like how amazing it was and such, and opens it with great expectations. And then, the first page is dreadful. The next page is worse. And if possible, the next twenty pages are so dismal, that it's a struggle to go on.

I hate these books. And I'm prompted to write this because I'm attempting to read one called The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies. I have struggled so much, and I'm at around page sixty. Honestly, it sounded like a great book from the summary on the back cover, but now I don't know what to do.

The question is: Does one still read a book, if all interest is lost and the book is hard to trudge through?

My answer: No. It's not worth the time and effort. I'll start books, and try to read them, but if it's not good, there's not point. Too often, I'll say "Oh yeah, I've read the first few pages of that, but it was really awful" to someone with a book I know. There are downsides to this decision, including that the book was slow to start (like, ridiculously slow. I try to give all books a good chance) but turns out to be brilliant in the middle/end.

Some people condemn me for tossing off books like that. For instance, I tried reading Vampire Diaries at a Barnes and Noble and got through about 10 pages and thought, "Why am I doing this to myself?" and tossed it out. Later, I caught a friend reading the second one, I think, and asked her, "Is that a good book?" and she was incredibly eager in telling me it was.

BUT, despite my first-ten-pages rule (in this case, with The Welsh Girl, the first sixty!), there are some books that are just shite all the way through. Like, it never gets better. There's no redemption whatsoever. I can't think of any examples off the top of my head, but they exist out there, ladies and gentlemen. They do.

I'd like to ask you all, my readers: do you think someone should keep reading a book that appears to be, based on the first quarter (or half) of the book, absolutely terrible?

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  1. This is a tricky question and everyone has different opinions on that.

    For me I rarely come across a book that I absolutely cannot read. I think I have only had one or two in the past 3 years of book blogging.

    Honestly even If I do not exactly love a book I still truck through it. Because it always could get better or it could teach me something. It also teaches me the ability to finish what I have started.

    For others this is hard to do. Totally understandable.

    However I think the biggest problem for me in term of reading is exploring genres.

    I am stuck on the YA paranormal/romance area. I read 98% of that. I rarely read contemporary and sometimes if I am adventurous enough I'll read historical. Many authors say to explore genres , no matter if you like it or not, to learn more about it and see the different techniques in writing. I agree with this. I hope that as I am growing older I'll start to read more contemporary and other works of literature.

    Maura @ Monster of Books
    Great discussion started. =D


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