04 May 2012

   Wow, I've been gone a long time! Everything's really different on blogger (a big upgrade!) and I like how this (what I'm typing now) is like a Word Document!

Me: It's time I update something
World: It's taken long enough! You've been gone ages, what the fudge monkeys is wrong with you?
Me: I...I haven't been into blogging lately, and I've felt terrible about it...
World: Excuses, excuses. Seriously, if you want to quit, leave.
Me: No! I love blogging! Just...I haven't been up to it. But I swear--
World: Don't swear. On anything.
Me: Okay, I promise--
World: You've made enough promises. Don't make promises you can't keep.
Me: I know I know. I've been lousy
World: The heck you have!
Me: But honestly, I'm back! But it's not going to be solely books, but I'll tie in things to books
World: Interesting...?
Me: Like if it's a post about bananas and health, I'll link it to a recent book I've read, or some books relating to it.
World: Books about bananas? 
Me: You get what I mean!
World: Fine fine. 

  Gosh, I've been blogging for four years now. If you count the previous year as "blogging" I feel quite old. Please DON'T check my early posts, they're so embarrassing! Haha, I'm off to write a new blog post! 

2 thoughts:

  1. I have always loved your reviews. They are honest and fun :)Why would you mislead people saying they are embarrassing :):D Great to have you back !!

  2. You're blog has always been great. Take a little credit for how far you've come! It only ever gets better :)

    I totally understand how you feel about the bag blogging. I made a goal to at least post once a month. Its not a very high standard but its a start and it helps me develop the consistency I need if I actually want to be a good blogger.


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