07 May 2012

Hello guys! This is where I need your input! I've been trying for ages to get enough followers to reach five hundred, but I've been sitting dormant at 486 (a total of four more since my contest: thank you!) And I really must know, how am I supposed to raise the number up? Here are my options:

  • Keep posting good stuff and eventually, more people will follow --> Tried it, nope.
  • Do giveaways and contests frequently --> I wan't readers, not followers. Plus, too much money for all that
  • Go to other blogs and ask them to follow you --> No, people should follow because they like a blog, not because I ask the mto.
So what now? I can add more books? I've got:

  1. swoon at your own risk by sydney salter
  2. after obsession by carrie jones and steven wedel
  3. ember by carol oates
  4. shades of atlantis by carol oates
  5. out for blood by alyxandra harvey
  6. flawless by lara chapman
  7. tempest rising by tracy deebs
And if you haven't entered, here's the link!

Thank you very much ^_^

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