The Legend of Korra

14 April 2012

You may know that I'm a HUGE fan of Avatar the Last Airbender, and I've posted about it several times. Well, for those who don't know....It's coming on today at 11!
A friend and I have been up all morning, waiting..... And I thought I'd share some Korra pictures (and Aang ones)

You know how I love funny pictures. :D


Ahaha, get it? WANGry?


I just can't stop drinking it. It's SO GOOD! I get it all the time at Chinese restaurants now, because when I make it, it's terrible. Only a true Chinese can do it.

                            I've always hated Katara. Poor Aang. If only Katara went with Zuko instead

Real men fight with their bending.

Oh you know it's true Zuko....don't try to hide from us ^_^
(Did you know Jake and Blondie here are voiced by the same actors who did Katara and Zuko?)

 Oh yeah....good one Aang.

Last but not least, one of my FAVOURITE ones!!!!

Enjoy Korra, fellow Avatar fans ^_^

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