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12 March 2012

You've probably never heard of this before? Well it just started in 2011, so naturally. Give it a chance :)
This awesome guy (Brad Wirz) from the organisation e-mailed me about it and I went over to check it out. Something I found  enlightening was their philanthropic mission about spreading reading to developing countries and even helping out librarians by donating 100% of after tax profits to libraries and reading-centred non-profit organisations. Isn't that lovely?

How it started: With a love of reading from founder Brad Wirtz (Ohmygosh, I e-mailed with the founder?! YES!!!!!)

Book lovers know what it’s like to have reading as part of their lives, to always have a book close at hand, to enjoy reading and its ability to broaden your mind,” says GoneReading founder Brad Wirz. ”I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live in a world without books,” 

I agree!

Goods and products:
Mr. Wirz has kindly offered a discount for you readers! 25% OFF! With this code: PAGES25  Incentive to support reading in less developed countries, literacy, and the sharing of knowledge?

I love the bookmarks, I must say, the "My Wizard Can Beat Up Your Vampire" bookmark is one of my favourites. The vampire has red sparkles: brilliant.

And bookplates. Ever let someone borrow a book, and never give it back? I really need bookplates, especially classy ones. Bookplates with class intimidate borrowers, I believe. 

I usually don't promote websites, or do straight out adverts like this (I advertise books), but I truly believe this is a great cause that will enlighten the book-reading world! If you'd like to learn more, I'd definitely visit the website (in case you want to make sure a purchase is well thought through)

Support Reading!

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  1. This sounds fantastic! I definitely love that bookmark. Wizards over vampires any day, especially the sparkling fairy kind!


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