twilight fun! (with a dash of harry potter)

04 February 2012

I once enjoyed Twilight, say over all the superficialness, the crap arse characters and all. The writing is well done, but the story doesn't do it for me. I don't HATE twilight, I just didn't enjoy it. And well, I thought I'd dedicate this post and poking fun at twilight and make people laugh.

Have you ever watched the Alex Reads Twilight videos? They're AMAZING! I'm a huge fan! And the Twilight videos are some of my favourites. I even noted down some favourite moments:
Chapter 8-9--> 1:50
Chapter 7--> 2:23
Chapter 16--> 1:08
Chapter 5-6--> :44 and 2:57

Here's Chapter 7 ^_^ I love the eating breakfast cheerily act, and the f*cking Lauren comments. they're my favourite those Lauren comments.

Now here are some funny pictures, a few of them ARE Harry Potter related

Haha, the last one is so true! I love the Vernon one as well, I just burst out laughing every time I glance at it!

And for those of you who are wondering when I'll get on with the real book blogging stuff, like reviews, I promise they're on their way!

I hope I've made you laugh today :)

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  1. I love those videos by nerimon. It's so funny to watch him read the story for the first time.


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