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08 February 2012

I cannot even begin to attempt to count the number of dresses on covers of all the books published in say, the past two years. It's mental.

Here are some famous examples:

Related to the book?
I don't remember Nora (Hush, Hush) wearing a dress, or Luce wearing various dresses. For those who have read Unearthly, does Clara wear long flowing dresses? I mean, in books like Luxe where the time period fits the style of clothing, it's fine!

A marketing strategy must be to put pretty dresses on covers and make the girls look gorgeous so that readers will want to read it. I do read based on a cover, and these covers are no doubt gorgeous, but the pages is what matters. Get it, pages? Anyway, I did not like Fallen by Lauren Kate. I hated it. (check out my other post on why) And Luce wearing dresses like those are completely unrelated to the book. The cover has to mean something! Not just hot girls in dresses!

I Have a Brain:
Don't read a book just because the girl on the cover is wearing a cool dress. I am not a brainless teenager. It bothers me how the girls are posed like they hear someone and turn their torso around like "huh, what was that?" or just like "Oh I'm so sexy, let me pose" or "I'm moody and sad, let me stare off into the distance meaningfully"

This conversation is turning into a different "whole other topic" that I will address later. Haha

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  1. I agree. Some of the dress covers are pretty, but by now it's too repetitive.


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