review: the kite runner

16 February 2012

book info:
ages: 16 and up
grades: 9 and up
on sale: now
copy: school library
pages: 371

title: The Kite Runner
author: Khaled Hosseini
stars: 5+

A novel set mostly in Afghanistan. The introverted and insecure afghan narrator, Amir, grows up in Afghanistan in the closing years of the monarchy and the first years of the short-lived republic. His best and most faithful friend, Hassan, is the son of a servant. Amir feels he betrays Hassan by not coming to his aid when Hassan is set on by bullies and furthermore forces Hassan and his father Ali to leave his father´s service. Amir´s relatively privileged life in Kabul comes to an end when the communist regime comes to power and his extrovert father, Baba emigrates with him to the U.S. There Amir meets his future afghan wife and marries her. Amir´s father dies in the U.S. and Amir receives a letter from his father´s most trusted business partner and, for a time, Amir´s surrogate father, which makes Amir return, alone, to a Taliban-dominated Afghanistan in search of the truth about himself and his family, and finally, a sort of redemption.

my thoughts:
 At first, I wasn't sure what to expect. I enjoyed reading the first few pages, a glimpse into Afghanistan before the Tailban and WAY before 9/11. Amir and Hassan's relationship is unrivaled and I was both in awe and in love with it. The entire story...god, I'm so beautiful. I can't even bring myself to dissect it by plot or whatever, because this is just amazing.
 If you're planning on reading it, the story contains violence and crude scenes (though not long and not detailed, like gory descriptions) I recommend it for those who believe themselves to be mature enough for it.

 It's very sad. I found myself tearing up over the beauty, the irony and the lovely story.  Hosseini is not just an author, or writer: he's a storyteller.

 Being Indian and growing up around Muslim culture, I appreciated and understood many references and I believe it made my experience enjoyable. Like, pronunciation or names or words, or knowing what naan means or something.
 AHHH! This book is too good! It's the first 5+ rating in such a long time!

3 thoughts:

  1. I love this book. :) The other book he wrote, A Thousand Splendid Suns, is also very well written.

  2. gads! i have to read it now!! p.s. have a great time in missouri! =)

  3. TSS is much better(you'd relate more), though I found Kite Runner to be fantastic when I read it some years back.


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