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03 February 2012

Hi everyone!

I've been sitting at four hundred and eighty two (cuatro cientos ochenta dos) (482) followers for a while now. At once, I was bothered by it, but then I learned to be grateful for the followers I already have, and wanted to make your experience the best it can be without pesky giveaways with annoying extra points like "post to twitter" "post to your blog" "post to sidebar" Grr. But I'm sad to say that I'm offering those pesky add ons.
I'd also love discovering new blogs, young readers just joining and looking for support. Yet now many senior blogs aren't helping the freshie ones and I'm sad; I was once a fresh book blogger with 8 followers for nearly half a year.

However, now that I'm looking at it, the old annoyance is back, I really want to reach that plus twenty. I'd appreciate your help in doing the following for me:
  • recommending new blogs for me to support ^_^
  • recommending my blog to others
  • if I'm not following your blog (gasp!), send me your blog URL
  • posting about this giveaway in any form of media
But what will one lucky winner win?
A choice of an ARC of the following books:

For every 50 followers, another winner will be chosen. The first winner will get first pick, and then the second winner will get the second. I might stop the +50 once I run out of shipping money.

Gotta post about my blog or this contest somewhere at least once. 
Ends whenever Pages reaches it's goal
U.S./Canada only! (until further notice)
Fill out this form

Thank you so much for all your support!

---happy reading

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  1. Hope you reach you 500! Thanks for sharing some book love :)


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