29 January 2012

Ever read those books where a b*tchy girl gets hurt by someone and decides to "get revenge"? Or even those simple desires of revenge?
Revenge is stupid.
Trying to get it only brings one down to the lowest levels of character and self.
I don't care whether it makes for an interesting plot, unless you want to destroy a really good character.

Phew, hope that didn't sound too horrid of me to say.

review: city of fallen angels

18 January 2012

book info:
ages: 13 and up
grades: 7 and up
on sale: now!
copy from: library
pages: 424

title: City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments 4)
author: Cassandra Clare
stars: 4

{The Mortal War is over, and Clary Fray is back home in New York, excited about all the possibilities before her. She's training to become a Shadowhunter and to use her unique power. Her mother is getting married to the love of her life. Downworlders and Shadowhunters are at peace at last. And—most important of all—Clary can finally call Jace her boyfriend.

But nothing comes without a price.

Someone is murdering the Shadowhunters who used to be in Valentine’s Circle, provoking tensions between Downworlders and Shadowhunters that could lead to a second bloody war. Clary’s best friend, Simon, can’t help her. His mother just found out he’s a vampire and now he’s homeless. Everywhere he turns, someone wants him on their side—along with the power of the curse wrecking his life. And they’re willing to do anything to get what they want. At the same time he’s dating two beautiful, dangerous girls—neither of whom knows about the other.

When Jace begins to pull away from Clary without explaining why, she is forced to delve into the heart of a mystery whose solution reveals her worst nightmare: She herself has set in motion a terrible chain of events that could lead to her losing everything she loves. Even Jace.}

my thoughts:
First time in a while that I stayed up to read a book. As you know it's been a while, hehe. First off, it's been such a long time since I read City of Glass and I like how I started reading right into where it left off.

Lots of Simon. I like Simon's humble character, his sensitive and confused character. However I have to admit, I. love. Jace. I got really disappointed when I heard there was more Simon, however there was Jace. Cassandra Clare seems to surprise me SO much! After each majour shocking event, she out do's herself with another. I thought things couldn't get worse! But they did. I'm really shocked and sad.

characters: everyone seemed a bit detached from before, but otherwise the characters and written beautifully. Each seeming so real and though the whole back story is crazy, I can somehow relate (put myself in their shoes kind of thing) I love the near tangible chemistry between them.

plot: F*cking hell. Of all stories, Cassandra Clare's seem to always have a lovely fast paced plot that I love. Well done! It alternates between Simon and Clary with a bit of Jace as well. Alec and Magnus are mentioned too! Cute sweet Alec ^_^

style: unique. 

overall: Not a MUST READ, I guess you can leave off at City of Glass, but I really liked this book and how it continues the story. I would recommend reading it ^_^

harry harry potter! don't kill me

14 January 2012

Julie has made me aware of even MORE harry potter comics that I must share. This is a book blog, honestly.

(as a fan of The Office with Michael as manager, I loved this picture)

Honestly, book Ron is so much better, and I have to Hermione

I love this one: amazing. I'd totally buy this painting!

harry potter: I couldn't resist

11 January 2012

more more!

(not funny, but cool)
(look at the one below and watch their mouths!)
AND THIS ONE is what I was yelling at the screen when they played it:

Seriously. Is he an idiot?

series or sequels in 2012

09 January 2012

Looking through goodreads I have discovered that a fat lot of all the books being released are books belonging to a series or the sequel of a previous book published.


My god, honestly. Why do authors continue their stories for sooo long?! Too little butter over too much bread. For instance, Delirium is a great stand-alone. Yeah, the ending was a bit abrupt and I imagine what happens after, but I do not want a sequel. 

Thus, here are some books I do not want to read:

Ohmygod, but they look so good! Let me explain:
Delirium: fudging awesome as a stand alone
The Body Finder: didn't really enjoy, so why would I read the others?
Fallen: Seriously, I got so tired after it and after the third, I didn't really care. It's like, the books only exist because of the pretty cover
Hex Hall: was good at first, nice light read, but got SO boring and typical after the second. 

Perhaps they're fine to get young girls interested in reading, but for an avid reader like me, I need an author who's willing to break the mold and come out with something thought provoking and deep. Because most of the books I read are so shallow, I wonder why I even read them!

How To Know A Good Stand Alone:
  1. A solid ending including epilogue
  2. You don't want to know what happens because the ending is perfect
  3. You feel complete understanding of the story
Yet, most authors purposefully stretch their story out with cliffhanger endings and make them longer than would be great. It's like authors are more eager to please the readers than they are about writing a brilliant novel to portray the story effectively. If you're an author reading this, I'm sure your novels are great, but please don't write just for the readers!

Why I believe there are so many sequels (I may be wrong) and series
  1. Authors signed contracts promising sequels
  2. Publishing companies are joining the bandwagon and want more books after the first huge hit book
  3. Authors just feed into popular demand from fans and readers and write more books for them
  4. Money?
Don't ruin a good story for these reasons. Be strong! Do what you believe in!
Case Studies:

J.K. Rowling
"I understand the temptation to revisit old triumphs. It feels dangerous to step away from ground where you know you've been successful. Imagine if you wrote something that wasn't quite as good! Or something that didn't capture the imagination in quite the same way. Well, what then? Creators all know that the most dangerous thing isn't to try and fail, it's to stagnate. Maybe not every new world or new set of stories you make will enjoy the huge success of Harry Potter – but a worse fate would be to keep on ploughing the same old furrow, not able to try anything new."

Though she isn't a novelist, Enya made sure to tell Warner Bros and put it in the contract to have as much time as she wanted to make her music, thus the huge intervals between albums. Unlike many artists who are forced to write songs quickly to achieve their contracts, to make more money, and toget more fans, Enya takes her own time creating lovely masterpieces. She's left alone in her private life, not indulging too much like many artists do. For those reading this, do you even know Enya? No! Do you know Katy Perry? Lady Gaga? Of course!
"When I go to the studio, I try not to think of the sales aspect, on how the albums have done previously, to actually just focus on the music"

What I'm trying to say is that I think everyone (authors, readers, publishers etc...) should make an effort to making books better, including knowing when to stop reading a book in a series, or deciding whether or not to read a sequel, trying to decide if you should or not. Follow your instincts as a good reader!

What books do you believe are great stand alones despite their series or sequels? Do you argue with my not-to-read book choices? What do you think? (answer answer answer! haha)

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