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03 December 2011

Right, well this as happened quite often on this blog in the recent past. I suddenly disappear for months and then come back and then leave again. I am bipolar when it comes to blogging. As I've said before, it's my first semester as a freshman in high school and I've been with that. I've got finals in two weeks, so now is the PERFECT time to blog, huh?

You might find it surprising BUT I have my first laptop! It was from the Black Friday sales and it's a Lenovo. I've never heard of it, but my Dad insisted it was a good brand. At least I've got a laptop. I've also had a room makeover, a much larger and roomier desk and freshly painted walls. I'm kind of a loser because I painted my walls the same colour as before: it just looks newer now.
above you'll see my entire bedroom. Isn't it so cute and lovely and warm?

above is my night stand. I have a cold so you'll see the Vicks Vapour Rub and the cold medicine. There's my thyroid pills too. I'm having terrible hair-loss because of my thyriod and I'm depressed because of it. Loss of hair is the worst symptom. My hair gave me confidence. It used to be thick and heavy and envy-inspiring. Now it's thin and delicate and I'm always afraid when I take a shower to look at the hair clumping in the drainage. ANYWAYS! There's my Harry Potter bed-time book (and The Secret Garden)

Above is my quartet music for the quartet I'm in called Nimakisea. This is the song we played at the Winter Chamber Music Concert. It was a VERY difficult song to play, but I had a super skilled All-state 1st  violinist, another All-state second violinist and a Sinfonia orchestra cellist. I'm in freshman orchestra, but many of the other orchestra members agree that I should've ranked higher. Mwhaha, 'cause I'm a freaking amazing violist.
This is my brand new laptop. I've named him Voldemort. Honestly, it asked for my computer name and I made it Voldemort. I'll prove it to you with a picture later, but haha, isn't it a beauty? Black glory!


I've been reading this physics book. It's very organised and makes the content easier to understand, however purely because of the subject, I would not recommend this one.

Above is the two books I'm reading for class. Cyrano de Bergerac, as many of you are familiar with, and Why Geography Matters. The second one is the parallel reading I have to do for my AP Human Geography class that we have to read over the course of the entire school year. Oh, I've just reminded myself that I have a chapter reading to do. GREAT! >_<

Speaking of Human Geography: here's my textbook lying on the ground. It's the prettiest textbook I've ever seen.

Of course you have to see my  bookshelf! Due to my painting of the room, I had to take down the bookshelf temporarily and re-organise it. It looks slightly different, but not that much.

This is the classically messy top of my bookshelf. It makes me so much more a book nerd. Gorgeous isn't it?

Last but not least is me, taking a picture in my bedroom window. You'll see the whole bedroom is flipped over. My desk is supposed to be on the left, and my night table is supposed to be on the right. ^_^

I hoped you enjoyed the tour of my bedroom and current book-life! I'll be posting more often! Come back again!

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  1. Love! It's so good to see you back! And dude, I want your room. That color is amazing (and pretty much everything else in there, including you). :)

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  3. You have a GORGEOUS room! <3 And I can see that you love the color Green! Lol! :)


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