memorable books I've read in 2011

29 December 2011

In no particular order:

Eden by Keary Taylor
Why I loved it: Amazing writing and brilliant story. Well written and addictive: loved it until the very end and lingered in my head long afterwards.
published: June 6th 2011
note: it's being made into a movie!
Eve knew the stories of the Fall, of a time before she wandered into the colony of Eden, unable to recall anything but her name. She's seen the aftermath of the technology that infused human DNA with cybernetic matter, able to grow new organs and limbs, how it evolved out of control. The machine took over and the soul vanished. A world quickly losing its humanity isn't just a story to her though. At eighteen, this world is Eve's reality.

In their Fallen world, love feels like a selfish luxury, but not understanding what it is makes it difficult to choose between West, who makes her feel alive but keeps too many secrets, and Avian, who has always been there for her, but is seven years her senior.

The technology wants to spread and it won't stop until there is no new flesh to assimilate. With only two percent of the human population left, mankind is on the brink of extinction. While fighting to keep Eden alive, Eve will discover that being human is about what you will do for those you love, not what your insides may be made of. And even if it gets you killed, love is always what separates them from the Fallen.
 Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma
Why I loved it: The incest topic was brilliantly written. It was just as emotional as it should've been and the characters and the whole story was heart-wrenching and emotional and touching. It's unforgettable and one of my favourite books of all time. I still go back and flip through the beautiful words. Mind blowing.

published: June 28th 2011 Simon Pulse
Seventeen-year-old Lochan and sixteen-year-old Maya have always felt more like friends than siblings. Together they have stepped in for their alcoholic, wayward mother to take care of their three younger siblings. As defacto parents to the little ones, Lochan and Maya have had to grow up fast. And the stress of their lives—and the way they understand each other so completely—has also also brought them closer than two siblings would ordinarily be. So close, in fact, that they have fallen in love. Their clandestine romance quickly blooms into deep, desperate love. They know their relationship is wrong and cannot possibly continue. And yet, they cannot stop what feels so incredibly right. As the novel careens toward an explosive and shocking finale, only one thing is certain: a love this devastating has no happy ending.

 Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Why I loved it: Intriguing. One has to read in between the lines, discover double meanings and think a whole lot while reading this book. It was disturbing but memorable and well thought out and written.

first published: September 17th 1954

summary (not really a summary because the true summary gave away everything)
William Golding's classic tale about a group of English schoolboys who are plane-wrecked on a deserted island is just as chilling and relevant today as when it was first published in 1954

The Count on Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas
why I loved it: What I call a "perfect story" The tragic romance, the betrayal, the twists and turns and surprises and heart tugging adventure all adds up to The Count of Monte Cristo. If Alexandre were alive, I'd congratulate him.

first published: 1844

Falsely accused of treason, the young sailor Edmond Dantes is arrested on his wedding day and imprisoned in the island fortress of the Ch√Ęteau d'If. Having endured years of incarceration, he stages a daring and dramatic escape and sets out to discover the fabulous treasure of Monte Cristo, and to catch up with his enemies.

Why only four? This year, I didn't really read as much as I did, therefore, less books. I hope I can get back on track this new year and make it up!

I know many of you are posting similar posts, and you're welcome to link in the comments. I'd love to visit your blogs and hear about the great books you've read ^_^

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  1. I really want to read Forbidden.

    I like how you put why you liked them.

    Happy New Year


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