creatures of harry potter part 2: comparisons

29 December 2011

As you've enjoyed the last segment, I'm pleased to welcome you to: creatures of harry potter part 2: comparisons. Please! Hold the applause, I know I'm awesome. Haha.

Here comes the fun part!

1. The Werewolves

Do you see the difference? Up top you've got a Harry Potter and the bottom you've got Twilight. I'm just comparing these two. See, other movies do werewolves properly as well, but they're always buff and ripped. Poor Lupin werewolf is bare and skeletal, and really makes you want to pity him. There's chubby Jacob wolf you looks like you want to cuddle and pet him. Seriously. 

2. The Centaurs

Centaur on the right looks hotter and more dreamy and lovable, but centaur on the left looks real. Centaur on the left, let's call him Firenze, is a beast. Literally too, haha! But I'm trying to say that creatures in Harry Potter and meant to portray the story properly, have a strange feel to them. Firenze is strong and magestic and very in touch with his beast. Whoever this guy on the right is, he just doesn't look right.

3. The mermaids
Typical mermaid vs. Harry Potter mermaid
I love how the HP one is more creature like, more muscles like a swimmer and has a nose that are like African Americans, our ancestral root. It's stunning. You've got the normal mermaids you have super model upper bodies and flimsy fish tails. They're not real mermaids, because you can't have that short tail and a long body, it's not dynamic. 

4. The Inferi (concept)
On the left, we have a dead corpse in The Dead Marshes from Lord of the Rings. On the right we have Harry Potter inferi. I just notice a similarity. 

Gollum vs. Dobby
See! They look alike! Of course, Gollum came first and looks a whole lot better than Dobby. No offense to you Dobby lovers.

Well that's it. Hope you enjoyed this week's special. ^_^

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  1. Very cool post! I really love the mermaids in Harry Potter. I don't know what it is about them, but they're so interesting to look at!


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