creatures of harry potter part 1: favourites

29 December 2011

We interrupt this blog fest of end of the year celebrations, holiday giveaways and the usual book reviews to present: creatures of harry potter part 1: favourites. Enjoy. don't get toooo excited.

(nothing like a good harry potter post to liven up this dead-looking blog)

warning: graphic images!

I was watching this programme on this channel (bio something I think) and it was explaining in brief the creations of the creatures in Harry Potter. I'll be using a lot of what they said to describe why. I picked some favourites.
1. Thestrals
The most brilliant creature ever done on film. J.K. Rowling's original creation.
You'll know that only people who have seen death can see these thestrals. So these beasts are like an interpretation of Death. They've got to be deathly and grotesque, but also sad and heart-wrenching.
Look at the adorable baby one. Admit that when you saw it, you fell a bit in love with them. You didn't fear thestrals but grew fond instead.

2. The Inferi (Living Dead)

These are amazing. Dead skeletons reanimated by a dark wizard (these are by Voldemort created during The First Wizarding War) They're animated against their will, of course.

  • They are tragic, in a sense
  • They're eerily beautiful. No, I'm not a creep like that! They're sketched in a haunting way, and how can something so grotesque inspire pity? That's why.

  • They way the film has down it, so they're crawling and groping about, climbing on top of each other in such a manner. It's brilliant
3. Werewolf 
You'll see that Lupin, in my opinion, is a true werewolf. He's got the long spine and human qualities that as J.K. Rowling said, was what made his scarier, more than a monster. 

It's amazing:

You'll see that Rowling's werewolf is much more scary than just a giant angry dog. I love how the artists didn't just use the typical werewolf, but created a much more well done one.

4. Mermaids

Again, not the typical mermaid like Ariel, but something more believable and haunting. Just amazing.
5. Centaurs
Unlike being perfectly half human and half horse, the movie adaptation of Harry Potter made the centaurs human half obtain more horse-ish qualities. It's perfect.

6. Hippogriff
F*cking brilliant. Need I say more?

I'm afraid to actually list all my favourite creatures because there are so many. I hope these will do. 
In Part 2, I will discuss comparisons with the "Accepted" and the "Harry Potter" versions of creatures. It'll be a bit more entertaining hopefully.

Until next time!

3 thoughts:

  1. I'm re-reading the 7th HP novel now, and it's great to see how the movie creators envisioned these creatures. It's exactly how I pictured them from Rowling's descriptions.

  2. The creatures are definitely one of the reasons I love HP. They're presented very differently from the way they are in a lot of other Fantasy books.

  3. The creatures of Harry Potter are amazing <3 J.K Rowling's interpretation of these creatures and the way she made them a part of the story was brilliant!


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