why do you read?

10 September 2011

It's such a simple question. How did I answer? Well short and simple "Because it's amazing" That feeling you get, like many people have said it was like going into a different world. The sweet stories, the lessons, the wisdom shared across the world. The amazing feeling, almost like a trance, you get after finishing a book.  Especially the long stories, the finality of the ending that leaves you thinking about it all for so long. The sense that everything will be okay with a happy ending and that life isn't fair with the tragic ones. The feeling that you have been there and back again in another life. I mean, how can you explain it to someone who doesn't enjoy reading like I do?

Why do you read?

2 thoughts:

  1. I like your short and simple answer. I don't think there's a better way to say it! ;-)

  2. Because, like you said, it's like going to another world and back.
    It's my food for thought, it's what keeps me going and thinking, and I just can't stop.
    Here's another question..

    Why do you write?


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