21 September 2011

warning: this post contains harsh content against vampires in YA Lit, and I mean no offense to anyone who likes reading vampire-setting YA books. Seriously, this is a strongly biased and highly opinionated post, so beware and approach with caution.

You, like me, must be so sick of vampires. I thought it was a pretty cool idea at first. You know, vampires had been pretty much gone from being a great idea to write about, with hell and horror and danger and all that, until it got turned into a romantic.

Some examples:

Common themes:

  • human girl falling instantly in love with a hot bad boy dangerous vampire
  • a vampire school where a human goes to with a bunch of hot dangerous vampires
  • a new girl moves in and enter vampire
  • bad vampires hunting good vampires who like humans
  • vampires vs. werewolves
  • hot dangerous cliche vampires with testosterone issues
  • weak flimsy girls who submit to hot vampire guys
  • hot vampire guys that are super overprotective of ordinary, weak, random girl 
  • hot vampire guy loves ordinary human girl
Some might overlap, and the list continues on and on. I'm so sad that teens these days, who don't like reading, start reading because of these sad, poorly written books. At least read something deep and beautiful with meaning, something that actually amounts to a message and meaning in life. Not these crappy books with the generic setting and the rip-offs of other novels. 

Notice, how the stories that are original are most famous. Twilight was written in 2005. There were only a few vampire books back then, but after experiencing success, thousands of readers wanted vampires, and so, in order to fit demand, lots of good writers saw opportunity and wrote crappy rip-offs to feed to teens. We are not dumb and we are the future, and we deserve better. 

To just give readers easy, mindless books to devour mindlessly is complete ________ (I was going to use the b word, but I am trying to tone this down a bit) Writers are smart, good people, and they have tons of brilliant, great ideas so please, writers, don't sink so low as to write about vampires. I would say, if you've got an original idea about vampires, write about it. But as of this point, I don't want anything to do with vampires.

And that brings me to talk about supernatural in general. It's all becoming one giant mush of crap. All the same. I can't even tell the difference anymore. My god, please just come up with original ideas! 

Now, vampires do not exist. As much as you may argue, they do not. I used to love the fact of vampires being alive. A predator above the human on the food chain. Keeping population under control (Yeah, I have a sick mind right now), showing humans (the arrogant ones) that they aren't the greatest things in the whole world. But nowadays, vampires aren't vampires. They're bloodthirsty, hot, immortal humans. 

I must be repeating myself because I cannot stress the amount of hatred I have for bad books. It ruins the image that centuries of writers have worked so hard to build.

"Oh, yeah I love reading"
"Really, what book? I love Vampire Academy, it's soo good! I love reading too"
"Beowulf. Oh yeah....Vampire Academy, sure..."
"What's Beowulf? Sounds weird. Anyways, I'm reading Pretty Little Liars too! Have you read it?"
"The first couple,  but it just prolonged forever and I hated it. The show's.....ugh"
"What?! You hate Pretty Little Liars?! How could you! It's AMAZING!" 

The rest of the conversation is too horrid. I can't bring myself to type it. But I rant on how gorgeous Beowulf is (I read it a while ago and decided to re-read it, inspired by my Count of Monte Cristo success) and how awesome the battles were, the almost lyrical style it was written in and how...beautiful the epic poem was. And then she was like "Ohmygosh, Dimitri!!" I mean, I can't believe how....deprived these teens are, my fellow classmates, and that they don't know what real stories are, what a real book is. It makes me angry that is deemed acceptable by the general population. Free speech blah blah blah.

I ask you, however, to really think about the books you're reading right now, or the ones you have on your bookshelf, and consider whether it's pointless or not. 

3 thoughts:

  1. not my favorite selection of literature. I mean after writing one or two analysis papers on it, you get kind of sick of it, but I've got a lot of respect for the epic.

    I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY AGREE WITH YOU. The generic and popular fiction crap now-a-days is such horrid, terrible writing it makes me want to cry. These books have no substance, they have meaning, and they are crude and predictable as anything.

    I absolutely LOVE reading classics, when I'm in the mood to think that is. They are truly the best and most amazing books ever. I read a lot of YA... most of it is utter crap. I've probably come across maybe 2 books, I've deemed worthy.

    Most YA now is all about romance. It has nothing else to it. I HATE IT. I can't stand the simplicity of it. I can't stand the dullness. I can't stand the predictability. I can't stand the lust driven plot. I can't stand the flat characters. I can't stand the lack of emotion and overall character. I can't stand the lack of depth and deepness. I can't stand the lack of beauty.

    So yeah. My little two cents :)
    Hey Kirthi, if you want.. I've got so many recommendations for you, for just good literature, regardless if you like the books, you'll be able to appreciate the quality literature.

  2. I'm not sure I can stand Beowulf, and I haven't actually heard of Pretty Little Liars.

  3. I completely agree!

    Although I'm glad I did give in and pick up Twilight back in '08 because it re-introduced me to reading and to YA (I read adult novels for some reason when I was younger).

    But I could not get through Vampire Academy. My sister-in-law swears by it and Marked and I just can't stand either books. I'm just not a huge vampire fan, I kinda never really was.

    I also agree with what you said about paranormal. I find myself reading more middle grade books lately because they're full of adventure and not love triangles and unrealistic characters.

    I get that finding an original idea is hard. But a lot of stuff is starting to look the same :\


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