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25 September 2011

Right, so I went crazy during that little free time I had during the week. So every day, I uploaded more funny Harry Potter pictures to my "Harry Potter Humour" Album on my Facebook, and I go crazy laughing at it every time. So I decided, why not share it with my literary bunch of awesome people who will surely enjoy this as much as I did? Any

Oh, here's some favourites:

Some more funny ones:

Oh, I should introduce some Ron and Hermione, right?

5 thoughts:

  1. Brilliant :) That's all I have to say lol

  2. Bahahaha! LOL!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. KIRTHI I LOVE THESE. THEY MAKE ME LAUGH SO HARD! <3 great stess reliever actually :D

  4. Hysterical. I can totally see how finding one will send you right down a rabbit hole and eat an ENTIRE afternoon!!!
    (the facebook ones are my favorite)

  5. Oh wow, love this!! Hilarious!!!


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