i have a good reason for why I was gone

02 September 2011

Ohmygosh, I have missed blogging like anything! I've still been reading guys, so don't worry! And please don't kill me, I have a good reason for why I was gone. I've just survived the first few weeks of high school.

"What? High school?" you ask. Yeah, I'm just so cool and mature that I've been mistaken for an older high school-er. Haha, no I'm kidding. Yes, I'm now a 9th grader! I'm surprised that a lot of you haven't un-followed me! I was expected like, everyone to leave me all alone. I'm so thankful to have such great readers like you! From now on, I'm going back to blogging and I'll be sure to show you how much I love you all! (and reading!)

So, how was my first week of high school, one may ask. And so I answer: It was bad. For the most part, I had no friends at this totally different high school. Everyone from my middle school, except me and a couple of others, had gone to another high school. So it was just me, and my two girl friends. The worst thing was that neither of them had classes with me. So I was the shy kid, not speaking to anyone when really I wanted to scream and laugh and talk. I'm in the third week, I still feel kind of like a loser, but I have a couple of friends in each class, a hot guy to crush on, and interesting lessons, so high school isn't a total flop. What about you guys? Any advice? How's school going for you (if you're still in school, that is)?

4 thoughts:

  1. Hey, sometimes you just need a break.

    I remember those first few days of 9th grade. I didn't have any classes or lunch with any of my friends either; I just learned to socialize outside of my comfort zone and read during lunch.

    It sounds like you're doing great -- you've already zoned in on a hot guy right? Just try to remember that everyone else is in the same boat. Good luck!

  2. Taking a break for the start of school is totally understandable. :)

  3. I second Whitney's post, it'll get better. Already got a hot guy? lol you've got to tell me more...! :)

    Oh and this is kinda random, but I read this book awhile ago called The Kings Are Already Here by Garret Freymann-Weyr, and I really liked it (I'm pretty sure it's YA), so I just wanted to recommend it to you, because I liked it a lot, and I thought you might like it cause it's not your typical over-the-top, cliche YA Romance book :)

    Also, I'm glad to see you blogging again, I've missed your posts! :)
    Keep blogging, it'll be hard with high school and all, but I have faith you'll stick it through.

  4. ninth grade is hell. But it is survivable hell. As far as I know, choosing your own courses only comes around in the public school system around junior year.

    Also- my mum's been back from ireland for a while, but we lost the camea cable. I'm looking into just being a memcard reader.


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