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22 June 2011

After I read and totally LOVED her book, Eden (my review here) I was so excited to do the interview with Eden's author, Keary Taylor. She's so kind and a wonderful, hardworking person. I hope you'll eat up the interview like I did (maybe if you read the book first.....^_^)

Meet: Keary Taylor!

1. What inspired you to write Eden? What gave you the idea of creating cybernetic human-creatures?

I always feel like such a geek answering this question, lol! I was watching Star Wars III with my husband and there was this shot with Anakin after he gets his new mechanical hand and I just had the thought of “wouldn’t it be cool if he’d grown that himself?”. I guess I just have a really overactive imagination because things just kept evolving from there!

(me: hahaha! That's probably the best answer I've heard to this question!)

2. Because I love him so much: what inspired the character Avian? Why make him 7 years Eve’s senior? (note: I think that’s so romantic!)

Avian’s character came from the seriousness of the world of Eden. I wanted to have a character who had experienced a lot of what the world had been like before it Fell but had lived a huge part of his life in the aftermath of everything. And I have to make a confession, the actor who I imagined as Avian is Wentworth Miller from Prison Break and his character of Michael was a lot of who Avian came to be. I drool whenever I watch that show now, lol!

(me: he's the perfect Avian! I'm drooling right now too!)

3. What message were you hoping to give your readers through Eden?

It might not seem like it at first, but Eden is entirely a book about love. It’s about learning to love those around you, about what you are willing to do for the people you love, about learning to love yourself. And it’s also about discovering what it really means to love someone and defining lust and passion from actual love.

(I kind of got that, it was evident. And I love it. In paranormal YA, the heroines can't tell the difference between love and lust, right?)

4. Is there going to be a sequel? What are your current projects now, if you have any?

As of right now I am not planning a sequel. I am toying with the idea of writing a short prequel, revolving around West and Avian’s lives as the Fall is happening but we will see if that happens. I am currently working on Vindicated, the third and last book in my Fall of Angels series. I also have a YA contemporary that I hope to start working on the beginning of next year.

(a prequel!? Squeeeeel!!)

On Publishing:

1. How did you decide on self-publishing instead of getting an agent?

The publishing industry is extremely competitive and I actually did try and get an agent for my book Branded. I got a lot of interest but in the end everyone decided to pass. I still believed in the project and loved it and I’d heard about self-publishing and decided to give it a shot. It took a while but then Branded all of the sudden boomed! I was starting to make it on my own. And so I thought “I’m doing this already, why change what seems to be working?”

2. Do you think it was the right choice?

I will admit, what I can do on my own is more limited than what a publisher can do. But I have no regrets. It has been an amazing journey. I have full control over everything I do, I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck. I have met so many amazing people. So yes, I do think I made the right choice!

3. You said you design your own covers. First. Wow! Second: how do you think designing your covers are working for you?

Cover design is something that I LOVE! I made up a mock cover for Eden before I even typed a single word. I am not an illustrator or photographer so there are lots of times when I need help. I had a good friend’s family member create the eye image for Eden’s cover and loved it! Playing with fonts and different elements is so fun for me!

(me: I love the cover. Ohmygosh, it's amazing!)

Do you have anything else you’d like to say (to your readers and such)?

Really all I can say is THANK YOU! I really couldn’t do what I do without all of you! Being an author is something I’ve dreamed about doing since I was in grade school. If you have a dream don’t give up on it! If you work hard enough you can make it happen!

Thanks so much Keary, for the interview and the advice (I'm sure to follow it!)

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