Review: Percival's Angel

08 April 2011

title: Percival's Angel
author: Anne Eliot Crompton
stars: 3
summary: goodreads
age group: unsure

Lili, an apprentice of the Lady of the Lake, is the childhood friend of Percy, the boy who will become one of Arthur's greatest knights. But as they grow older, Lili begins to see their differences. She has otherworldly magic while he has the magic that lives within the Human Heart. Lili dreams of knowing human love while Percy dreams of finding the Holy Grail. Neither can succeed without the other.

my review: 

The writing was unique, I knew this. And it didn't occur in modern times, but rather when the actual story happened: not an incarnation, or rebirth or the olde characters: the actual story (well, it's fictional, but you know what I mean)
 And unlike most stories, the POV was from the faErie, who was kind of like a sidekick to PerCival. I thought at first this was kind of a child's book, with you know, the faerie on the cover and the gold circle and all the leaves, but there are some bits that are more mature (like, sex and all) so that's why I was unsure of what aGe group to recommend this to.

  I enjoyed the perspective of Lily, and her honest confusion about human nature, it was a very new look onto our behavior, or those of the people back then. 

 However, it was a very filtered book, and short in my opinion. It filtered only what I thought was the necessary parts of a good story, and nothing extra, and for that reason, it may that I didn't like this book very much. But the triumphs are remarkable, and the idea of the Human Heart really intrigued me. I don't know where I stand on this book, really.

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