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07 April 2011

I've been on vacation! My cousins came over and I took a long expected break (phew!) and now I'm back. I know it's been forever since I posted my "Upcoming Review" for CSN (I am so sorry!) but (finally) here's my review.
I'd also like to mention how wonderful CSN is. Most of you bloggers have gotten the chance to work with them and you know what I'm talking about. The shipping is always fast, the people in CSN are very flexible and kind, and the whole experience is quick and easy and rewarding. And so, without further ado:

Hemp Yoga Mat Sling:
4.5 stars
price: $12.05

  Although a mat sling offers less protection than a mat bag, it's far much cuter. I love how efficient and stylish it is. I can sling my mat on my shoulder, show off my mat's awesome green colour, and take the mat off the sling easily. The sling itself is scratchy and made totally of hemp fibres, and it has velcro to stick on to.
   The sling just barely fit on to my fat mat (haha, fat mat. say that five times faster. it sounds almost as cool as buttmunch) However, I'm sure it'll be able to fit most mat sizes.
 The sling is very affordable, and is easier to handle than a full on mat bag, so it's highly recommended.

Next up is a Tai Chi training DVD. Now, I've bought another DVD in the past and it was alright, but I really reccomend going to an actual class with a teacher that can help. There are all types of yoga out there now, like Power Yoga and Mind Yoga and all that. There's so much commercial stuff out there where yoga is a rigourous activity that's going to make you lose weight soon. Really, yoga is an ancient lifestyle practice that isn't about losing the weight. The DVD was a good guide, but some moves felt awkward and since it was a DVD, I couldn't really ask questions and get advice. I can recommend this, but I would also recommend a good teacher.

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