Casting for The Hunger Games

09 April 2011

Josh plays Peeta. COME ON!!! Look at him! He's the worst Peeta anyone could have picked!!! WHY ALEX?!
I just didn't imagine him like this >_<

 So here's Josh.

And Liam plays Gale. He's not a good Gale either, but better than Josh.
HE looks better in that picture, right? Now look at this one:
I don't even know where to go with's awful. How can this be Gale?

6 thoughts:

  1. your very passionate about this Kirthi. Haha, btw Where She Went was super amazing.

  2. I'm really disappointed with the castings... they better cast a good Haymitch and Finnick!

  3. I think Josh will actually make a good Peeta. He's not a bad actor at all, and is actually charming in interviews and the movies I've seen him in. And...that's not a very good picture of him at all. He's not that bad. :) I think he'll be fine. And the same goes with the rest of the casting so far. I guess we can't judge until we see the trailers. :)

  4. Oh these castings are awful! I think that whenever they make a book into a movie they completely disregard the description offered in the book and decide to pick whoever, and it usually turns out to be someone who is horribly wrong for the character and doesn't make it work.
    1. Peeta is supposed to be the kind, charming, yet serious, and passionately in love with Katniss one.... I do NOT get that vibe from Josh.
    2. Liam might actually do a really good job for Gale, but no offense, Gale was supposed to be hot! I mean like super, stunning, stop you in your tracks hot. Gorgeous-ness... Liam is pretty decent, but definitely not up the the standards of Gale that I have set up in my brain.

    (Or maybe is it that the way authors describe characters makes it so that the character is only possible in imagination and that kind of perfect with perfect flaws (If that makes any sense) doesn't exist in real life, so the casting always goes wrong... The guy is never hot enough, the hair color is wrong, the eye color is wrong, their skin tone isn't fitting, they look too young or too old, their isn't enough of that amiable, charismatic-ness in his eyes, and etc. There is never the PERFECT character out there I guess... Just gotta live with what you get)

  5. Yeah...*sigh* I gotta believe in the acting though, right?

  6. Josh Hutcherson is PERFECT for that role! He's sweet, kind and caring, and also adorable. His neck isn't chubby, it's all muscle. His eyes are adorable, his smile is perfect, and his cheekbones are FINE! Don't be a hater if you don't know what you're talking about. Peeta is Josh and that's that.


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